David & Robyn Frew

Thank you again for sharing with us @ the rock. I’ve been chatting to our young people on FB since and have had amazing feedback… this word was so “In Season” for many of them. One girl who I knew was struggling, said she cried through the sermon. A couple of the “Blokes” said something like…”She talks too much…but what she said was really good” A couple of unchurched teans may not have understood everything you were saying, but the girl with them was able to explain why you were so passionate…and basically had a great opportunity to witness to them. Thank you also for hanging around afterwards to chat…you must have been so tired. I know Jesse who you were talking to last, needed to hear that word…as did we all. God is good…I’m so glad He led you past our way!

David & Robyn FrewThe Rock – YWAM Townsville, QLD Australia