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Dear Friends,
It’s an honor and delight to be able to expect much from a God worth trusting! Asking Him for the finances to do what I feel He has called me to is truly a joy that keeps me watching expectantly for the effects of prayer.

Having little to do with what I can tell you about the lives that I get to watch God lead to surrender and change, I instead ask Him to prompt and lead those He wants to come alongside.

Rest assured that your financial gift is indispensable…being poured out not on programs, religious hype, or servant-focused-service. God is at work more mightily than my emails, twitter, or facebook can detail. In Him all things are possible, and there is so much more of His glory and power He’s wanting to make known!

Thank you SO much for coming alongside…His body is truly a treasure and a mystery. He’s coming soon…. Whomever you are….You have blessed many more than you may ever meet on this side of Heaven. In His Love, Amy J. Stephens

Meant for More is a 501C3 non-profit organization, and therefore all gifts are tax deductible.
Please include your e-mail, name, and preferably address so that we can send you your end of the year receipt!