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Testimonials from Amy’s ministry around the world


Thank you again for sharing with us @ the rock. I’ve been chatting to our young people on FB since and have had amazing feedback… this word was so “In Season” for many of them. One girl who I knew was struggling, said she cried through the sermon. A couple of the “Blokes” said something like…”She talks too much…but what she said was really good” A couple of unchurched teans may not have understood everything you were saying, but the girl with them was able to explain why you were so passionate…and basically had a great opportunity to witness to them. Thank you also for hanging around afterwards to chat…you must have been so tired. I know Jesse who you were talking to last, needed to hear that word…as did we all. God is good…I’m so glad He led you past our way!

David & Robyn FrewThe Rock – YWAM Townsville, QLD Australia

That’s me!

A woman who shouted out with tears during a speaking engagement

I didn’t think that the teens in this country would listen to the gospel, but I realized that it was that the WORD was what was needed to draw them – I was so moved!

Lady at SAYCO (paraphrase)SAYCO Youth Australia

What you have taught is wrecking what I’ve believed for 25 years. It’s about Him!

Youth LeaderSAYCO Youth Australia

So God is who He is, and I am (man) who I am – (excited expletives of astonishment)?

Teen from SAYCO that wanted to know why there was evil in the worldSAYCO Youth Australia

Thanks for coming and speaking the hope of Jesus into the lives of all the kids (teens), and to me as well.

BrettSAYCO Youth Australia

U r a gifted and talented lady Amy. God has and will continue to work through u thanks for all ur positive words

cheera joeySAYCO Youth Australia

In all 11 years of having this camp, I have never seen the teens that silent.

RuthMarySAYCO Australia

Amy, thank you so much for coming over to Adelaide and being a part of SAYCO. Your enthusiasm and joy for the gospel is contagious and helps make Christianity something for people to believe in!

Our kids (teens) really connected well with what you had to say on camp and more importantly, really connected with God through those… words. What a gift to preach His word hey? Bless you so much in all your ministries, you’re welcome back here any time!

Mike WaldropSAYCO Youth Event Australia

Hey Amy,
I just want to thank you ever so much for coming down last weekend and blessing us all. I had a really hard time the Thursday night and Friday before and your reminder to focus on God on Saturday completely changed the rest of my weekend… In fact I believe you have opened up my whole outlook on life, I’m now searching for how to become completely consumed with the Lord and to be completely hidden in him! And you were so right, starting with just one verse has definitely been an amazing step for me and remembering that there is nothing more important than to be with God, and focused on God..
Thank you again so very much, God definitely used you to be such an inspiration to me!
I pray that you are well and you’re enjoying your time in Australia!
Love and God Bless, Ash xx

Ashley PanapaBeachside Christian Church | Gold Coast, Australia

From Amy’s ministry in New Zealand

I could have listened all night! The mustard seed of faith is opening.

Man in attendenceLevin Baptist Church, New Zealand