Speaking Topics

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• “Is Our Greatest Desire Jesus?” … Getting real before trying to move forward. An effort to delve into what this means…a depth many ignore.

• “A CALL to care about what GOD wants most.” : How to accept His grace to start from where we are instead of where we wish we were or think He expects us to be. What does God long to do in us – in our hearts – at ground level?

• “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, GOD!” and other mammoth excuses that have never worked to bring about His glory. “I can’t hear you, God!” : And other excuses we can no longer afford to keep us from living in His will and walking in His power and grace. How do our futile efforts to excuse ourselves from living surrendered and obedient rank next to the truth we already know?

• The Audacity of Character: Figuring out who we are in the least likely of places… (Phil. 2:10) “The Audacity of Character” –Starting the search for finding who we are and were meant to be in a place we would never have guessed…hidden in Him. (Note: Greatness and happiness don’t even land on the reictor scale of what our reward will be.)

• “What’s Freedom?” : A look beyond ourselves to find what we crave most.

• “Just Be Before Me – Rest in Me!” : Learning to accomplish this and other non-tangibles which are nearly impossible to translate to our to-do lists for BECOMING MORE LIKE HIM.

• His Life-Changing Power: A forum and ground level contemplation bringing the truth of our motives to light and what He’s left at our fingertips to the table.

• Unstoppable Movement: Truth is not going away…along with three other hope- anchoring things you should know….

• Awakened from Complacency (this place of death our idols have led us to and that they themselves are best suited for.) …Relinquishing the norm (we thought was non-negotiable) to truly follow after the LORD Our GOD.

• The Unquenchable Heart: A call out to those who find themselves discontent yet searching for more. (Note: Question is, do we believe He can and wants to get glory through everything He created about us.)

• “Take a Look in the Mirror”: Figuring out (a study on) what we look like to the world around us – How to change their perception of truth and relinquish what we consider our own for the cause and result of the reality.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Upcoming Speaking Topics”]

• Unveiling the Greatest Deterent from Influence…Comparison

Question: Is it really about me?

• Inside Reality…Outside of Common

Question: What’s It Mean to live “set apart” from the world while still being a world -changer within it?

• Secrets of living focused on and abandoned to Christ

• Selflessness

• Revealing Our Enemy’’s Weapons of Warfare Against Us

Question: If knowing is half the battle, then how do we fight that which is warring against us?

• Constant Peace, Joy Unspeakable, What only God makes possible, Look Up

• God’s Grace At the Water’s Edge

Question: What about those doubting? Something for those who want to walk away.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Old Speaking Topics”]

• We Are His Masterpiece

Question: What is the fullness of Christ? ~ Key Passages: Ephesians 2 It’s impossible for our mindset and self-concept not to be completely altered by the study and infiltration of the truths found in Ephesians. The riches of His grace, the power of His resurrection, and the reality of knowing Him more fills our minds and hearts with truths that are truly priceless and vital to the life of the Christian. Self-help promises only help and falls short, God promises sustenance and an inheritance that lasts beyond this life. There is nothing more important than knowing His fullness in us, and realizing that we are the part of a body much greater than ourselves. How should that change our lives?

• Freedom to be without bounds

Question: What is true freedom? ~ Key Passages: John 8:32; John 14:6 The Berlin Wall served as a life-size portrayal throughout history of the cruel hopelessness of a freedom lying just beyond our reach – beyond wherever we find ourselves. But, many of us have been offered freedom and are unwilling to take it for fear of the intentions of the giver. What would change if you dared to trust Truth and began to live in the freedom offered to you? What will it take for us to be convinced of his intentions? There is freedom on the other side of that empty territory that no man wants to die crossing…the road of hurt, the road of fear, the road of hopeless discontent, and the road of longing.

• Dreaming Bigger

Question: Is this all there is? ~ Key Passages: I Cor. 2:9; Phil. 3:10; I Tim. 6:19 Inside there is this hidden desire that longs to take life for all it’s worth…but many times we’re unwilling to really live to our full potential. Due to our fear of failure; our lack of discipline, and our overwhelming conscious concern of what others may think of us if we begin to forge the route God designed us alone to take, we often choose existence over living. As Christians we say that God has no limits, but few of us pray, trust, or live like we believe that. What could God do if we were willing to forego ourselves, trust His Word, and dream beyond what human sight or effort has yet to afford? What happened to asking God for the impossible? God seems to almost plead with us to ask…to dream…to let Him be our all…to cause us to become. Truth is, God has no limits! The adventure is awaiting…It’s easy to look around and shrug in remorse of why we don’t seem to have the ability to do what others have done before…What could change if we were willing?

• Ravenous Hunger

Question: What causes a hunger for God? ~ Key Passages: Philippians 3:10; Phil. 1:16; Psalm 37:4 (Hunger to find not what we believe, but to find The TRUTH!) There is this decision that we make to acknowledge and accept where we really are in our walks with God. Once we see ourselves correctly we can then analyze where we long to be. Unfortunately we usually have the desire to go, but are lacking the hunger to get closer to the one who can get us there. Even worse, we treat God like a means to an end instead of realizing that knowing Christ is the only worthy goal, focus, and prize. Are there ways to cultivate this ravenous hunger within us?

• What’s God Got To Do With Me?

Question: Why do I need Him? ~ Key Passages: I John 15:5; Romans 6:23; John 3:17 For the Christian and the non-Christian, we all live without a fresh awareness of our need. There is no other priority more important, no other necessity more crucial, no other time more adventagious, no other need so great…than our need for more of Him. Our sin…our need….A explosion of reality awaits…(the fireworks display of the reality of love, grace and hope will be following close behind)….

• Anchoring Deeper Key Passages: I Samuel 4-7; Psalm 33:4; Phil.1:9-11

Question: What’s beyond the shore of normality, and what’s keeping you there? What if we banked on God being honest and even literal in His promises to us? Studying God’s Word grows our perspective and unveils the depths of life that most never dare to dive into. On the shore things are rated horizontally – comparing becomes our most consuming activity. But when we are willing to live with a trust that God is more and has more for us than could be known even if we spent our lifetime trying to figure it out! It’s unnerving to dare into the ocean of truth because it allows a freedom and depth that will inevitably take the sands of measurability and control right out from underneath us. Can we trust God’s Word? In order to find out we must leave the shore of sight and live by faith in Him….our sure foundation. We must dare beyond the relationship with Him that we’re used to, the age we live in (learning from History and those who have gone before), and rejecting the relativity pushed on us from almost every direction. Anchoring to the Truth – the Word is only masquerading as a book…it’s alive. (May we delve in and be overwhelmed by its living reality…it only masquerades as a book.)

• Forgiving our greatest enemy…Ourselves

Question: How can we be rescued from bitterness to live freed by forgiveness? Righteousness and our greatest mistakes. ~ Key Passages:I Thess. 5:9, 23-24; I John 1:9; Psalm 103:12; Eph. 2:4; I Tim. 5:24,25 When we are unwilling to face our sin we remain in bondage, but when there is a brokenness there is a sweet release from bondage. When we truly see sin as God sees it – not in varying degrees of seriousness due to the consequences, but as all sin being that which caused God to send Christ to die …that is when we will be better aligned with God’s view on our depravity. In that same breath we are reminded of the winds of grace that blow down barriers that we deserve to have between us and the Father because of Jesus. We won’t know how great our salvation is until we realize the depths of sinfulness that we’ve been saved from. We have no right to hold on to past failures because in His forgiveness He removed them from us as far as the east is from the west. “Forgiven” to God is synonymous with “forgotten.”

• The Names of Jesus…Changing your life’s perspective

Question: Instead of “Who is me?”…”Who Is HE?” ~Key Passages: All throughout the Bible; I Tim. 6:15,16; Phil. 2:9-11 The Word of God promises never to come back void. All throughout Eternity we’ll be praising the Lamb of God…the One who is worthy of our praise…Oh, to take the focus off of us and to put it on the one who is, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” (Rev. 4:8)

• Spiritual Intimacy

Question: How do I make Him first when He doesn’t rank on my “urgent” list? ~Ephesians Most know, but do you believe that you are loved unconditionally? In this we are shown as truly precious and someone that God longs to spend time with – more than we could ever long to spend time with Him. The depth of closeness that God designed IS possible even in our busy lifestyle…even in our daily routine. What are basic steps we can take to grow that intimacy in regards to discipline and complete surrender to make Him our life focus? If God didn’t design the depth of closeness to be unattainable then what is keeping us (even as seasoned Christians) from knowing Him on a more intimate level even throughout our busy lifestyle and daily routine? Has He asked us to do something we’re unable to do when He speaks of peace, joy, rest? If not, then there’s more…. How do we become captivated by the relentless pursuit of knowing more of Him alone?

• Captive to Perfection while Freed for Perfection

Question: How do we live released from the chains of perfectionism? ~Key Passages: Rom.10:13; Phil. 3:9; I Peter 2:24; Isaiah 64:6; Hebrews 5:7-14 If you desire to be like Christ you may find yourself frequently bound by the chains of perfectionism. We know the facts: God’s more concerned with the heart than He is with rule abiding; that there’s grace where there was judgment; and that there can be forgiveness where once guilt reigned. But, in reality, sometimes when we learn more of Him we see and begin to loathe our imperfections and become somehow self-consumed with pity and frustration. Life becomes a vicious circle of us chasing ourselves. Paul had the same problem along with a few others in Scripture. What are the secrets of living free from the weight and burden of perfectionism while still living up to the calling of, “…being holy as He is holy?”(I Peter 1:16) How can I live freed from perfectionism?

• Rising Above the Mundane…and staying there. (Taking Life for all it’s worth)

Question: What makes someone a world changer?~Key Passages: I Tim.4:12; I Tim.6:19; John 10:10; I Tim. 6:6 In just the U.S. we have millions of people and only a large handful of true heroes, but potential heroes are born daily. What makes someone different from others? What makes a person able to break through to influence. What’s God’s agenda for us? What does He see in us? Are we reflecting Him or are we desiring to be seen? What do all heroes have in common? What do they live for?

• Our Tower of Babel: A Call to Stop Laying the Bricks Search for Significance ~Key Passages: Genesis 11:1-9; Phil. 3:10; Phil.1:21 How were they like us? What were they searching for? Was God ever out of control? What richness can we glean from this story?

• The Forgotten Purpose…Becoming

Question: What is God’s desire for us? ~Key Passages: Romans 8:29; Romans 12:2; Phil. 3:10 Man strives to become…but normally there is an object aimed at in that striving. We learn, we work, we sacrifice, and we hope to eventually somehow arrive. We are often content to settle. God’s greatest desire for us as Christians is that in our loving obedience to Him we are conformed to the image of His Son! Society tells us that our worth is becoming a something (that can be titled) instead of a “someone.” What if there is a deeper reason for living than accomplishment in success, popularity, or prestige? What would change in our everyday life if we took on the focus that God has for us…To Become. How do we live vivaciously with our heart, mind, and soul beating for Him while not allowing the waves of selfish-ambition crash on us? What direction and guidance in Scripture can be found for becoming who you were specifically designed to be?

• Everybody’s Just Waiting

Question: What are we waiting on, and how to we get past the waiting to start living? We all long to be everything that we were designed to be, but how do we get there? How do we get beyond the waiting? How does God call us to live? You are not alone…you are the only one in all of history past and the future to come that God wants to use the exact person that He’s planned for you to become …if you hold back from adventuring with Him then the whole world will be missing out!![/learn_more]