Around Every Bend

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.   Let all that you do be done in love.” I Cor. 16:13-14

God never ceases to amaze me with how that he orchestrates everything.  A little while ago I was so tired.  I had just sent Clint on a work trip and found myself running late for “greeter service” at church.  As I got in my car I realized that my “half-glass-full” mentality cause me to stall on the road if I didn’t face the reality that my only option was to stop at the gas station.  I pulled in and noticed that the pump wasn’t working and went inside.  Simply, I smiled.  From that came the rest of the story.  The man behind the counter was from Egypt and he stopped in his tracks, “See that smile….” He went on to tell me how that when people smile anyone is willing to help them and commiserated how that he didn’t understand why people would come in mad at him when he had done nothing to them.  I shared, “God has changed my heart!”  He said, “Oh, that’s where it is! That’s good!”  He told me he was a Christian, but I wondered if He knew of a relationship or only religion or heritage – only God knew His heart, but I didn’t want to leave him not giving Him more to chew on in that regard.  I challenged him that “if he would like to read something in the Bible”….Before I could get it out he was scrambling for a piece of paper excitedly telling me that he would read it that day! He motioned for me to scribble on what looked like his directions for running the store, “John – the story of Jesus’life (I described this part to him); and I John.”  I wonder how quickly that moment could have just as easily been missed.   It was precious.  Can’t wait to go back and visit him.

May 13,2013 – First Day of Seminary

“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” Proverbs 13:4

Today, May 13, 2013, I will endeavor to do more than “do” my needed activities…I endeavor to begin anew learning the cost of discipline & self-control.  Looking at the next 2 1/2 years (in my calculations, Lord, not knowing what You have in mind), my summer, fall, and spring will be infused with a deeper knowledge of the word in the midst of my proposed speaking & singing touring schedules – Only as the LORD wills!

I crave Truth in my inmost heart, I desire growth beyond what I have yet strived for, and I desire to become more like Christ.  Most importantly, I truly believe that God wants to do more through Clint & I, and I long to do whatever it takes to live this life He’s given me to the fullness of the potential that only He could design and bring to fruition in His power and by His grace.  If these opportunities of sharing His Word continue as they have, I must know better the Truth that I proclaim.  If these momments with His treasures – the people His love pursues – continues to come towards me as they have, then I must know how to rightly display His likeness.  I want to go beyond what I’ve seen or sought of Him before so that they may know Him in whatever ways possible (words, actions, teaching) MORE through His Spirit’s continued work in me!  I must know what it is to live the fullness of His WORD that I tell them is possible.  I hereby, will begin at Liberty Seminary in hopes of getting a Masters of Divinity in hopes that this structure and foundation deepening knowledge will be the necessary protagonist to battle my pride and confront my lacking discipline (which should be compared only to Christ)…and through it that I may be given tools to look deeper than ever before into the riches of Him who has set me free.

As if I were yelling it from the mountain top…LORD JESUS, more than anything of my own goal, will YOU be praised to receive glory through this my act of obedience…for in bubbling excitement I begin…All for YOU, Jesus.

  • IMG_8770 Both of our host families and friends gathered together for fellowship and dinner.
  • DSC_0054 Amy praying with a couple on the core team.
  • DSC_0063 Theo, the church plant pastor, and his family with Amy.
  • DSC_0028 Notice the smoke... a fog machine went off randomly during lunch.
  • IMG_4168 Amy led the Easter service for a church plant, Life, in Rotterdam.
  • IMG_8708 Just a short time on the train to be in silence before the next stop.

Seventh & Ninth Stop – Rotterdam – 2013 Europe Spring Tour

  • IMG_8715 Our incredible hosts, the Konings. We learned to enjoy chocolate sprinkles for breakfast!
  • IMG_8712 We missed our stop due to a stuck train door on our way to Hilversum. This was the station we had to turn around at.
  • IMG_4099 Amy lead the Good Friday worship service at Thousand Hills.
  • DSC_0081 Amy ran into an old friend from Amsterdam.
  • IMG_8735 We enjoyed a short time shopping with Annemarie in Hilversum.

Eighth Stop – Hilversum – 2013 Europe Spring Tour

Home Stretch…

Dearest Friends, I know that I haven’t had much time to write you, but I just wanted to say that I’m amazed at God’s goodness to me.  1st, he has allowed me to know His presence.  2nd, He has allowed me to be healthy. 3rd, He has allowed me to watch His work!!! 🙂  I am so grateful for the prayers that have been on my behalf.  For the first time, I feel that I’m (much in praise to God for Shana on this trip and her help to me) going to come home emotionally healthy.  Clint is such a blessing and I can’t wait to see him.  It’s been an especially great trip for connecting with all those I’ve known…unbelievable.  Is there anything greater than watching Him work in lives?

We landed in Amsterdam and were driven by taxi to Rotterdam last night.  We are heading in about 30 min. to the train station and then to Hilversum, Netherlands to work with precious people from a church called thousand  I met the worship leader in 2007 when I was asked to sing at an arena in Naples, Italy and his choir was there as well!  It will be there tonight that I lead a practice with a band and an hour of worship at least as well – my voice is doing great, but it is the end of tour.  Please pray that my voice will be just perfect and not in any way hurt by the amount of use and completely able to “keep up” as well.  I can’t wait to worship with these believers and to see where God will lead us.  Good Friday….may I be focused…

Also, Sunday….It’s gonna be quite the time…A group of church planters have asked ME to speak/sing for their Easter service….I’m completely humbled.  They have given me an hour & a half…May God use it mightily.  They are planning also a potluck for me on Sunday night…it will be precious to see the believers here!!! 🙂  I’m coming home and into the arms of my wonderful husband in only days!   I love you all.  I have felt the prayers and support – His closeness has been my strength.  Amazed by Him, Amy

P.S. I got sleep!!  Coming to my friends Tanya and Dima was a God-designed get-away! 🙂  Yesterday I had no speaking or singing.  God’s been so faithful!  

  • DSC_0368 The Abbey in Bury
  • IMG_8613 With some of the board members of PWOC
  • DSC_0289 Amy & Heidi chatting with the chaplains.
  • DSC_0214 Amy speaking on focusing on Jesus.

Sixth Stop – Mildenhall – 2013 Europe Spring Tour