Journeying the long route home…

On the journey towards Nashville today after an extremely powerful night of talking to a friend till about 2:30AM and God multiplying the impact past what I could have imagined from listening to Gods call and being willing to share our lives with each other!:) Love is not only grown through time, but through vulnerabilty, depth, and trust…the freedom which knowing Christ allows in fullness!:) Nothing to hide!:)

On the way to the airport it was raining and when we stopped by McDonalds and the grip on my Tennishoes failed me and I ate it- hitting a car on my way down. Praise The Lord, only bruises and a bit sore!:) Again, no one was there from America’s funniest home videos. 🙂

Itinerary: Nelson Bay to Broadmeadow station by car(1hr.), Broadmeadow to Central station, Central station to Sydney International(3 hrs), Sydney flight to Shanghai China (10hrs.+1:30 in airport), Shanghai overnight (17 1/2 hrs), Shanghai to LAX (14hrs.), Layover in Los Angeles, CA.(5 hrs.), Los Angeles to Denver (2+hrs.), Denver to Nashville(2:30+1hr. In airport) = TOTAL: A LONG TIME (57:30 hrs.)

I feel like a horse other’s on the home stretch toward home and Im just eager to get back to my precious Husband :):) home, family, and friends…Eager to give God the glory for all that He’s done…prayers that He’s brilliantly answered!:) Still, Im eager and open to use the flights for His glory as well…even if that means shutting my eyes for a change!:)

One more time in heels…

Blog: One more time in heels, one more morning this trip asking God for His heart on what He would have me teach here in Australia-
Beachside Christian Fellowship: small women’s group. The hurt, weariness, and need for replenishment for these dear believers had been made known to me…However, the unexpected happened and after I led in straight up worship, I sang acapella all the verses of “What a friend we have in Jesus”, I found myself moved to unashamed weeping…it was too precious not to be moved! Another moved to her knees on the ground. Sitting closer to their seats I left the stage behind me and sat on the stairs of the stage and spoke as God led about the “Big Picture.” Afterwards, I began to sing….and it seemed the most perfect ending to the tour as I sang, “I lift my voice in total praise to you!!” Part that gives me even more reason to adore Him is that God didn’t let me know till after I sang that the songs sentiments would be the final offering of all the on stage ministry of this tour- Nothing could have been more perfect!:) Awesome God…You deserve Your glory!:)

Tried to catch a quick Skype with Clint and then Janelle quickly took me for a gourmet pizza and time on the wharf watching the seagulls!:)
Rheema Radio- Praying its license gets renewed as all the Christian and non-profits have to get approval every 5 years. They had me speak twice actually- One was live with Michael and one was taped for a youth spot this week by Aaron. Seriously, I really like radio- had a blast!:) Longed for God to be know…not just my story.

The rain down poured and hopefully stopped all the fires in the Blue mountain region near Sydney- answer to many prayers. Ebon & Janelle were determined and still showed me the beautiful cascading mountain beaches through the storming. The houses that were in the million dollar range due to the beautiful area. We headed home for a delightful dinner with this dear family!:)

I guess I’m not done speaking…

Dearest Lord, I love that I showed up in Nelson Bay NSW, Australia today to friends who said, “Well, we have your whole day planned tomorrow!! You are speaking tomorrow morning for a women’s meeting and then you’ll be on the radio tomorrow at 2:00….” God, give me words…thank you that I’m emotionally good (needing some debrief after ALL that He’s done, but healthy for sure!!) but I know that You know that YOU delight in using us in our weakness…even physical weakness (tired, but with such sustained joy). You take over LORD…I’ll follow. (Left Kalgoorlie this morning to Perth to Sydney to New Castle by train to Nelson Bay by car…traveled from 6:40 this morning and it’s now……well, it’s now tomorrow! 🙂 Ha! Father, I have great expectations that you will use this time with the women greatly tomorrow…

Travel Day: Sydney to Nelson Bay

No telling when Gods done working on this tour!:) Arrived to Broadmeadow train station after a 3 hr. Trip from the airport- A man we’ll call Sam & I had a convo that led to the greatest news of Gods plan that I could share, but after a couple of verses, his phone rang and afterwards it was as if any hunger that had been shown just stopped existing. My heart believing God to completely confuse & frustrate satans plan one day by leading Sam to Life…I wrote him a letter with the Scriptures with visions of an unexpected day when he would find, understand, and accept the revelation of Gods plan for his life- that Sam would come to know Jesus! As we talked I realized he saw little value in his personal worth and lived for the thrill of racing motorbikes. Eternity and Truth seemed to be something he was seemingly oblivious to and cared little about. I marvel and am saddened at how blind some people have become to spiritual things…or even their heart.

Joyfully reunited with Janelle Knox editor of Mici magazine which I write for- and her precious family that I fell in love with in 2010- dear friends!:) To my surprise(with a little wink and smile feel from The Lord), her first comment was that they had me all booked for the next day!:) I heard a about the struggles in the community and their struggles & joys in light of Christ’s light!:) Amazes me to think of how much can change so quickly…so drastically. A growing church that is found drastically declining; marriages alive that fall into affairs; and yet, lives in chaos also settled in His will.

Leaving Kalgoorlie…anticipating revival

7:40AM I leave Kalgoorlie today…My speaking engagements are virtually over all but a radio interview in New Castle. I can look back on this time in Kalgoorlie (“Kal” as the people here call it- the only inland city in Australia they tell me) with great amazement, and honestly a lot of lessons that He taught my heart!:) There was literally one time I spoke and the video didn’t work and the first words out of my mouth were, “Really, oh no, I had wanted to learn from that video!!” Sometimes it was literally like I was being taught, or maybe it was just convicted, while I taught! The Hadfield family has taken superb care of me, and Kalgoorlie Baptist Church is seeded with precious people with a heart after God, a craving for more prayer and for God’s conviction towards more freedom, and laughter and love….Ive never heard people that seemed more sure through God laying it on their heart that God is bringing revival to the city of Kalgoorlie…so that was my prayer this morning as I said goodbye to my dear sister Chrissy and flew over the expanse of bush country surrounding a city…God, bring revival- messy though it may be- bring it past where my eyes can see!! I began to picture a great mass of people…each individual precious person to God…coming miraculously to Him…forever changed!

Cried today…just honored to watch Him draw others to Himself!!!

No really had no idea what in the world God would have for today- Just as I did yesterday (just in mostly different places) I spoke 3 times today with activities in the middle…I didn’t expect what God did!! Literally over 6 people ( I believe) came to Christ even today…What in the world!!:) There were others that you just would know that God was at work in them as well!! So much more to say, but Im falling asleep as I write this to you. I speak 4 times tomorrow, starting with a conf. And ending by being a Guest Speak for a banQuet tomorrow night. Prayers on my behalf have been unbelievably effective it seems!!:) Love you all!:) Speaking 4 times tomorrow- Please pray as people in the area!

Beautiful Esperance- Oct. 23-13



I awake this morning in Esperance in Western Australia. It’s as if God had mercy and wanted to warm us after an especially cold night wrapped my jacket under wool blankets- It’s gorgeous in this place filled all the wild flowers and roses unique to this Oceangiew bush town. When I asked about the purple roses and asked if she had put food coloring in the dirt she grew them in, she said, “Only an American would think of that- this is just the way God made them!:)” I try to be a good ambassador of The Lord and America but in my plant knowledge, I may have botched the representation a bit!:) I am starting to think in an Australian accent. To put your mind at ease, I’ve made for some good laughs for the Aussies when I tell them that they can’t blame my extravagant packing on America…it’s just Amy who’s packed too much!:) Gods still working on me- When Im 80 I might have it right!:) They love pulling dry humor jokes over on me…A man at a shop the other day after I ordered said,”Oh, you must be from France!” I felt such compassion on this ONE Aussie who didn’t immediately pick up on my heritage and began to explain…Everyone began to laugh…this happens frequently. The movie Australia has been brought up frequently and I literally more than once have seen someone laugh till they cry about Nicole Kidman saying “Look a Kangaroo! (immediately it was shot…) Her horror causes much humor to them- One person said, “We’re the only country who shoots our own National emblem!:)”








Unbelievable…Knowing intricately what God wanted said…





Lord, you allowed me to speak three times during this one-day conference here in Ellenbrook Perth Australia. Lord it was amazing when you did after months of work and planning for this first women’s conference put on by Ellenbrook in this area today!

You listened to the prayer warriors all around me on my behalf & the behalf of those precious women I spoke to today!:)

His Work today in this city:Even though it was not evangelistic in nature, I had heavy on my heart to speak to those who may not know in the crowd as well…During the breaks 2 people came to a saving knowledge of Christ- both with their own stories. One woman had terminal cancer and will probably see Jesus maybe by Christmas- her conversion had many tears and was the result of many faithful prayer warriors!:)

I awoke at 4:00AM and stayed up till I couldn’t the night before (midnight, I think) yet, even by 7:30AM I had many notes but was still asking for completed structure! The full picture was given to me during the worship right before I walked to the podium…Oh, the grace of God. Every session He would do the same…Make it clear to me right as I was going up- Yet, I was led during it to by His still small voice, “Amy, go here now…share this, look at this insight in the Scripture…” Our God has come near!!:)
The women were challenged to focus on Christ alone and left with insight and a new perspective…the comments afterwards were incredibly showing of His power!!:)

I had told Anne the night before that my greatest desire was that afterwards no one would even want to talk to me because their hunger was compelling them to just go and spend time with Jesus!!:) After the first session an elderly woman with cancer came up to me and said, “I was the one that was dry that you were talking about, but tonight, (with a smile she leaned in) Im gonna go home and read Ezekiel!!:) (not sure why that book in particular, but God will make Himself known!:) So much more, but it’s now 5:30 the next morning and Im preparing to speak again…Thank you for praying!!:)















Ellenbrook, and God waking me early this morning

Ellenbrook, Australia
What a beautiful beginning- starting at about 4 o’clock this morning. His gracious astounds me to have awakened me this early without an alarm. I was so tired last night I went to bed at almost 8:30 pm early-the hours not slept through jet lag might have caught up with me.

My intrigue to study the word of God this morning to be compared to an explorer in Iceland captivated body and imagination – eager to brave the extreme weather and sacrifices of leaving home in order to possibly see the northern lights!:) I feel I have given up nothing and been graced instead with an opportunity that competes with the greatest of adventures…what God might You do in these precious lives here?:) So, knowing that He’s ordained all of this that we might think erroneously that we had the idea for yet we were just led to do….I know that I must seek Him to first make my heart right and focused solely on Him in order to be prepared to see His glory “shown in grand display”!:) I feel like God is going to show me things in his word in these next hours alone- I pray they will completely widen the reservoir of my understanding and my fear of Him!:) In full faith, I believe that God is going to show me His love for these precious people by giving me something for them all of us, me included, that we couldn’t have come up with ourselves!

It’s not truth that changes, it’s all the facets of seeing the same truths and realizing the that we have never heard yet that makes everything so beautiful so profound and so life-changing! When we base our life on truth, there’s no telling the heights of freedom that we will experience in Him!:) How could I ever ever compare anything to the joy of learning anything he may want to show me of himself this morning?:) Oh Father let me not get so detracted by what I know to do- even what I need to get done outside of seeking You! Let me listen as You lead me intricately through Your Word!:)