My Story

How in the world do you condense this to a page? He’s done SO much that I want to give Him the glory for. I’ve decided that instead of my details I’d rather share with you what I hope you will glean from the story…may it draw you closer to Him!

First things first:

I’m the eldest of 4 children who have all now become some of my best friends and mentors. My Mema and Papa have been the Christian patriarchs of our family. I’ve traveled all my life in a military family – learning to love America and appreciate all people from whatever culture they came from.

My whole family is now serving the Lord around the world. The first time I remember learning to tell someone about the Lord was on a camping date with my Dad where I watched as he stayed up till about 1:00AM leading the next campsite to Him. My 21st birthday my parents asked me what I wanted to do and I told them that I wanted to have all my friends over for a special meal and then share the gospel with them all.

I can’t play sports to save my life, but love to whenever given the chance. Adventure is addictive, and travel has become a normal in my life. I’m horrible at languages, and so “directionally challenged” that I get lost going home sometimes. God uses the weak things of this world to bring Him glory – I am living proof. I love Him…I crave knowing Him more…What I do is not who I am it’s just what He has me doing to bring Him glory for today…I just must have more of Him…wherever He leads I intend to follow. LORD, cleanse me, let your waters of truth prevail over my life, teach me to love as You have loved, break me, use me for your glory, change me continually, and lead me in the way everlasting – You are worthy of all of our attention!

Where it all began…

When I was 5 years old my cousin witnessed to me through a track while up in a tree. By God’s design, I grew up in a Christian home with parents (Dad’s a pastor/ Chaplain in the Navy) who showed me that living for God was the only way to truly live – seeds of Truth were planted in my heart and mind before I knew how to speak. I knew of Jesus and much of the Word of God (Bible), but it wasn’t until then that I realized that Jesus was God’s Son and that only He could save me from my death-causing problem called sin. I also learned that He wouldn’t save me unless I asked Him to. With that simple knowledge I literally was thrilled with the fact that I had made that decision to let Him save me – I remember my telling my parents and leaving them tearing up.

I went on to live in a nearly consistent state of conviction over my sin. Not that this was anything other than what the presence of the Holy in a life will cause, but I was driven by the need for cleansing…even asking people to forgive sins I might or might not have committed. I would ask people’s forgiveness for my questionable thoughts about them (you can imagine that this was to my parents dismay as the Pastor’s child!). I was being convicted because His kindness was leading me to a full surrender. I remember in 5th grade sitting in a chapel and being in utter frustration with the Spirit of the Lord prompting me for all of my heart that I said, “Fine Jesus, just take it!” His gentle response was something like this: “Amy, that’s not the way I want it – that’s not what I want!” It wasn’t until I was 14 that I would tell the Lord, while alone in my house listening to the Steven Curtis Chapman song “It’s My Turn Now” that I would literally kneel by a window and hand Him the rest of my life (not just my “now” which I had been willing to give) for His use.


Immediately God laid on my heart to start a Bible Study at lunch at my Christian school, and before the end of the year my Father found that we were to be stationed in Atsugi, Japan. My goal was to witness to my entire school, and God did much of that using my H.S. years to shape my faith like a strong water current heading me towards Him. I learned that He was all that I needed, that everyone feels alone and popularity doesn’t exclude anyone. I learned that people needed to see me hurt to know that they could relate to me and therefore that my God was someone who could handle their own hearts as well! God honed in on the musical and acting talents He had gently placed in me for His use.

I continued singing at church and was asked to perform and compete in both for many occasions that were truly an honor including Asia’s largest Air Show at the time – 80,000 + people. Immediately after H.S. I was given a dream that I had prayed for before I ever left for Japan…to tour Nationally with the Continental Singers and the Jeremiah People – God never forgets and nothing is impossible for Him!

College and beyond

God then led me to Liberty University where I traveled with the singing group “God Save America”, was a prayer leader, and realized that when you were excited about Jesus people come to watch you burn even in a Christian college! Without realizing it, I began to believe in part that being excited and telling people what God had done was what the body expected of me. After my first year God led me to tour to churches and sing around America and without even a business card, he had me singing in Montana, Virginia, and in Florida. I longed to finish school and realized I was being led instead to Pensacola Christian College where God had a breaking work to do in my life beside the excellent education I would receive. I learned that God will tell us His will when we need to know and seek Him for it. I graduated in 2002 and was determined to reach the most influential seats in America – media and politics were my aim. Therefore, when God called me to go to Los Angeles and pray, I had a heads up as to His plan…I thought. Instead of acting, he had me working on the production side of the entertainment industry in jobs there’s no way that I ever could have landed had He not opened wide the door. (Refer to Previous Experience).

You are meant for more…

In 2005, while sitting at a desk as an Associate Producer of a T.V. show, I heard God say to my heart, “Amy, I designed you for more than this.” He soon called me to Nashville, TN. without any reason given of what I would do there…I just knew I must obey. Before I left CA. my brother and I were able to go to the wedding of some believers who were like family in Ukraine and that we had witnessed come to the Lord 5 years prior. We told the missionaries who were the lifelong friends who had connected us with the couple that we were willing to serve in any way that we could and they had us speaking and singing. Almost immediately, I knew that was what I was to do the rest of my life. From the day I returned I was somehow, to my surprise, asked to speak and even had to turn down small speaking opportunities before I left CA.

In August 2005, I moved with all that I could fit in my car and was dropped off by my brothers (who were on their way to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago) to a house of believers that none of us had ever met. Within 3 days my grandmother died, my whole family convened in Florida for the funeral, and hurricane Katrina swooped back up the coast unexpectedly leaving the area we were in without electricity and water, and much that they had known. It was in that devastation that I asked, “Father, what You can do through the wind and the waves, what can you do through a life?” It was then that after asking, He laid on my heart to pursue speaking and singing would come. I had no idea what that looked like, and soon found myself walking in obedience as a waitress at a restaurant and as a substitute teacher – I joke that it was God’s way of getting the L.A. (Hollywood pride I had been infected by) out of me.

Within three months I was asked to speak at a U.S. military Women’s retreat (PWOC) in Naples, Italy. I wrote back asking them to make sure that I was the one that God wanted! When they wrote me back that I was the one they were led to, I (with tears) wrote back accepting and within weeks the tour turned into speaking and singing for two months in Europe! I left in March 2006 without having any idea that this would be the first of 6 European tours; speaking and singing in Korea; touring extensively for months at a time in China; speaking and singing around the U.S.; two tours around Australia and New Zealand; and two teaching trips to a tribe in South Sudan, Africa.

amy portrait

Which leads us to today…

While touring, I always found my way home and landed for about 5 years in Nashville, Tennessee at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN. It was there, both in ministry, that my husband and I met in 2010 (Clint was at that time involved in almost every church ministry he could be and worked a day job in the Christian Music Industry with Capitol Christian Music Group). While dating we both separately felt the Lord calling us to join in on an adventure to plant a church (The Church At Antioch) in the Antioch, TN. area (80 different nationalities in a suburb of Nashville) at the “back door” of where both of us had taken residence before we even met!  On March 10, 2012, having stood the test while dating through tours and a three month engagement, about 500 of our closest friends and family including many from this precious part of the body watched in delight as we joyfully followed the Lord’s lead and got married! 🙂 Clint and I immediately were asked to co-lead a missional community with a goal of reaching out to refugees…little did we know how much our lives would be enriched!  Just two years later, through a miracle, we were able to conceive and on July 10, 2014 Ember Fayelin Fields brightened our lives bringing enjoyment, laughter, meaning, and joy inexpressible! After about 3 years together our “missional community”started jokingly being called a “church” inside of a church with nearly 70 people for special events. God allowed us to multiply and raise up new leaders!  Just this January, the “The Church At Antioch” relaunched anew and is now called “Christ for the Nations” and  In 2016, Clint’s workplace laid off his entire distribution division unexpectedly to us but not to God, and since God has been providing phenomenally for us.

Until Ember was born I still traveled speaking and singing, but in 2013 God began to lay on my heart and then provided the financial means for me to go to Seminary!!  My desire had become insatiable that I would be able to serve wherever God had for me to be for His glory in greater excellence than I knew or was capable of excelling to myself. Seminary was a dream come true…from the first class to the moment I wept turning in my last paper (and then getting to witness to those around me).  Excitedly and with a great educational mountain to climb, I began seminary, and was halted by a very serious non-cancerous tumor surgery and recuperation for much of 2013, but was excited to return to the work He had begun in 2014. By His Great Grace, I just walked across a stage and graduated in May 2017 with a Master’s of Divinity from Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity in Lynchburg, Virginia. With a great commitment and conviction that discipleship was necessary for any believer’s obedience, I have watched God teach me now in “on the field at home” training – I have much to learn, but I’m amazed at those He has brought to me. I have never felt old enough, gifted enough, or educated enough to mentor/disciple others, but now I realize that all of those things are not pre-requisites or acceptable excuses for not following Jesus’ commission to all His followers. OH THE JOY…I am LOVING learning alongside these precious women, and fear that if there were a competition on whose learning the most, I would win! 🙂  Following His lead, I started monthly women’s prayer retreat called “Rejuvenate: A Place to Engage, A Time To Pray” in our home scheduled on the first Saturday of every month in 2017. I am honored to have been asked to create, lead, and teach a large new initiative Bible study called “When Faith Starts Walking” this coming Spring at a large active church in the area on Ephesians with the backdrop of Colossians. We are highly active within our church community and in reaching the refugees and those needing His love in our city. God continues to lay greater actions on my heart than I can cause to come to fruition…may I listen and walk by His Spirit’s lead – enjoying and constantly growing closer to Him exceedingly through this journey!

IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS….Our focus must be in Him, our energy must by His, our heart must seek after, focus on, and desire HIM more than anything…even the joys of serving Him and being used more of Him! The gospel is not about us. The body of Christ is not about us. The world isn’t needing to see us. We must live behind the waterfall of His overflow through us that they may see Jesus! In Him is all we need, but more than that…He’s God and deserves not only our words and actions, but our thoughts, will, and focus. LORD, teach us to follow, to love your commands and the Word they come out of (BIBLE), and raise us up in your power to crave Your character more our daily sustenance. May those who haven’t known the taste of Your goodness and love come to know of Your grace and Your plan from the before time began. May we fear You…for in You we find the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE.