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“It is my mission to TEACH the word of God and CHALLENGE the body of Christ to passionately reflect His glory in America and all around the world.” II Cor. 3:17-18

A life lived without God is a life missed.

“There is no greater freedom and life than that found in surrender to Christ!” This is not only the statement that’s been a theme saying for Amy, but it’s a proven conclusion that one must come to after looking at how God has worked in impossible ways through the life of this one person.

Amy currently lives & travels from Nashville, TN. She and her husband, Clint, welcomed their precious daughter on July 10, 2014! One of their greatest joys is knowing that she will be raised alongside the Body of Christ from their church home which is a new church plant called The Church At Antioch in Nashville, TN.!  They are excited to be active as co-leaders of a missional community of 20-30 ppl. that meets in their home weekly. Clint and Amy currently leading their community in working to reach refugees in coordination with World Relief during her time at home alongside their community.

Amy gave her life to the Lord fully at age 14 and years of competition in speech, music and drama; touring with various Christian groups (Continental Singers, Jeremiah People, and on her own for a year singing nationally); and extensive experience in performance at military occasions, churches, etc. would soon follow. In 2002 she added to her resume a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Bible from Pensacola Christian College, and with a heart to reach America from one of its greatest seats of influence, she followed His leading to L.A. where she had been blessed to work in the movie industry for two years (Associate Producer, Director’s Assistant, Assistant Sales Mgr. GMT Studios, ABC Coordinator, Talent Wrangler, etc.).

God began laying on Amy’s heart that He had designed her for more and then began opening new doors in 2005 when God directed Amy from L.A. to Nashville, TN. People in CA. had begun asking Amy to speak to her shock, and His work, leading, and provision was therefore even more obvious and bold from the day she arrived. Close to three months after her arrival, God led Amy “The Call is the inner motive of having been gripped by God – spoilt for every aim in life save that of discipling men to Jesus.” – Oswald Chambersto step out in faith and trust when He provided a God-ordained invitation to be the speaker for a women’s retreat at a military base in Naples, Italy. Little did she know that this invitation would spark the first of 6 European tours thus far, other tours in Korea and various other parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and various venues around the U.S. which have expanded into: speaking for conferences, retreats, military bases, full church and outreach events, international venues, etc.; integrating well with all age groups (from H.S. and onward, and especially to women, post college and full variety gatherings); and knowing no boundaries in versatility no matter the language, the education, or the openness to the gospel and truth of the Lord. In 2008 God led towards the beginning of Meant For More (a non-profit 501C3 ministry) which would serve as the foundation and structure under which others could come alongside financially, in expertise, and in prayer to help Amy go further than she could have ever done alone. She now ministers full time primarily speaking at conferences and retreats, performing concerts, and also using her dramatic skills to portray powerful memorized productions of books of Scripture.

Raised in a military family (father Navy Chaplain) and as the eldest of 4 children she was poured into at an early age and throughout her life by parents who lives proved that loving God was the only way to truly live – All 4 children are now all in ministry as their legacy. As only God could have ordered, her upbringing seemed a natural fit for what He has now called her to: extensive and extreme travel; fast-paced lifestyle; missionary-mindset and sacrificial service; integrating with people from all ages; acclimating to conversation with people from all levels of society, walks of life, belief-systems, cultures. It’s obvious that God has uniquely designed her as a nearly all-purpose kind of tool with a heart for America and a love for the world!! Amy’s fervor for and trust in the Lord is vivaciously contagious! Even in her early 30’s, it’s obvious that deep within she has been broken so that she can outwardly live out a God-inspired and fueled yearning to display His reality, to consistently seek to know more of God’s character and glory; to explore the truths of His Word in order to best describe to the seeking and the distant alike; to seek full-heartedly after His glory and power to watch what only God can do; and to, with a Spirit-empowered and directed sensitivity and ability, then challenge and encourage the body of Christ (and the myriads being drawn to Him) to passionately seek after Jesus alone – their Savior, Head, Friend, and King!

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