Arrived Safely in Nairobi!:)

Eight team members. 9 extra suitcases. 8 personal Suitcase. 8 personal backpacks- ALL ARRIVED in Nairobi SAFELY!:)
Well, you never think that the moment you come to a country you will have movie-like scenarios, but we did!:) We were picked up by our friend Jack the Driver:) and dearest sister Rosemary took at least 5 seconds of sheer rejoicing as she she hugged each of us. My last time with her was in 2011- and while at a tea shop I shared my conclusion that Clint was who I wanted to love the rest of my life!:) This time I showed her the fruition of that realization in one look at my wedding ring!:)
Then came a bit of drama: With a mere bright flashlight, we were pulled to the side of the road by men with very large guns and military uniforms. They pointed to one in the car, and though we assumed they had singled us out for money, they unfortunately found the back seat passengers surrounded with bags and without their seatbelts (next time you are in Africa, count the number of people with seatbelts if you can find any:):). We were told we would be taken to the station, pay 2000 shillings and go to court within two days. We all stayed silent as our driver had to get out of the car by order- their plan was to get us scared enough to pay them….But we refused to get out of the car and as they all talked over each other I began to try to build repor by telling this man about the word “grace” and asking him for it on our behalf. He understood mercy and smiled that I was teaching him something in love. If I would have had longer I might have gotten to tell him about Christ!:) Soon they all agreed we had a great driver and that I had been friendly…we went without having to pay anything.

Although everything has been going great, we need prayer because one of our teammates is very sick with a migraine, and another teammate just found out that her Dad is in the hospital and will most likely be getting a pacemaker.

5 hrs left for sleep…thinking Ill use the Internet to mail myself some things and study for the next two hours!:)