Journeying the long route home…

On the journey towards Nashville today after an extremely powerful night of talking to a friend till about 2:30AM and God multiplying the impact past what I could have imagined from listening to Gods call and being willing to share our lives with each other!:) Love is not only grown through time, but through vulnerabilty, depth, and trust…the freedom which knowing Christ allows in fullness!:) Nothing to hide!:)

On the way to the airport it was raining and when we stopped by McDonalds and the grip on my Tennishoes failed me and I ate it- hitting a car on my way down. Praise The Lord, only bruises and a bit sore!:) Again, no one was there from America’s funniest home videos. 🙂

Itinerary: Nelson Bay to Broadmeadow station by car(1hr.), Broadmeadow to Central station, Central station to Sydney International(3 hrs), Sydney flight to Shanghai China (10hrs.+1:30 in airport), Shanghai overnight (17 1/2 hrs), Shanghai to LAX (14hrs.), Layover in Los Angeles, CA.(5 hrs.), Los Angeles to Denver (2+hrs.), Denver to Nashville(2:30+1hr. In airport) = TOTAL: A LONG TIME (57:30 hrs.)

I feel like a horse other’s on the home stretch toward home and Im just eager to get back to my precious Husband :):) home, family, and friends…Eager to give God the glory for all that He’s done…prayers that He’s brilliantly answered!:) Still, Im eager and open to use the flights for His glory as well…even if that means shutting my eyes for a change!:)