One more time in heels…

Blog: One more time in heels, one more morning this trip asking God for His heart on what He would have me teach here in Australia-
Beachside Christian Fellowship: small women’s group. The hurt, weariness, and need for replenishment for these dear believers had been made known to me…However, the unexpected happened and after I led in straight up worship, I sang acapella all the verses of “What a friend we have in Jesus”, I found myself moved to unashamed weeping…it was too precious not to be moved! Another moved to her knees on the ground. Sitting closer to their seats I left the stage behind me and sat on the stairs of the stage and spoke as God led about the “Big Picture.” Afterwards, I began to sing….and it seemed the most perfect ending to the tour as I sang, “I lift my voice in total praise to you!!” Part that gives me even more reason to adore Him is that God didn’t let me know till after I sang that the songs sentiments would be the final offering of all the on stage ministry of this tour- Nothing could have been more perfect!:) Awesome God…You deserve Your glory!:)

Tried to catch a quick Skype with Clint and then Janelle quickly took me for a gourmet pizza and time on the wharf watching the seagulls!:)
Rheema Radio- Praying its license gets renewed as all the Christian and non-profits have to get approval every 5 years. They had me speak twice actually- One was live with Michael and one was taped for a youth spot this week by Aaron. Seriously, I really like radio- had a blast!:) Longed for God to be know…not just my story.

The rain down poured and hopefully stopped all the fires in the Blue mountain region near Sydney- answer to many prayers. Ebon & Janelle were determined and still showed me the beautiful cascading mountain beaches through the storming. The houses that were in the million dollar range due to the beautiful area. We headed home for a delightful dinner with this dear family!:)