Travel Day: Sydney to Nelson Bay

No telling when Gods done working on this tour!:) Arrived to Broadmeadow train station after a 3 hr. Trip from the airport- A man we’ll call Sam & I had a convo that led to the greatest news of Gods plan that I could share, but after a couple of verses, his phone rang and afterwards it was as if any hunger that had been shown just stopped existing. My heart believing God to completely confuse & frustrate satans plan one day by leading Sam to Life…I wrote him a letter with the Scriptures with visions of an unexpected day when he would find, understand, and accept the revelation of Gods plan for his life- that Sam would come to know Jesus! As we talked I realized he saw little value in his personal worth and lived for the thrill of racing motorbikes. Eternity and Truth seemed to be something he was seemingly oblivious to and cared little about. I marvel and am saddened at how blind some people have become to spiritual things…or even their heart.

Joyfully reunited with Janelle Knox editor of Mici magazine which I write for- and her precious family that I fell in love with in 2010- dear friends!:) To my surprise(with a little wink and smile feel from The Lord), her first comment was that they had me all booked for the next day!:) I heard a about the struggles in the community and their struggles & joys in light of Christ’s light!:) Amazes me to think of how much can change so quickly…so drastically. A growing church that is found drastically declining; marriages alive that fall into affairs; and yet, lives in chaos also settled in His will.