Leaving Kalgoorlie…anticipating revival

7:40AM I leave Kalgoorlie today…My speaking engagements are virtually over all but a radio interview in New Castle. I can look back on this time in Kalgoorlie (“Kal” as the people here call it- the only inland city in Australia they tell me) with great amazement, and honestly a lot of lessons that He taught my heart!:) There was literally one time I spoke and the video didn’t work and the first words out of my mouth were, “Really, oh no, I had wanted to learn from that video!!” Sometimes it was literally like I was being taught, or maybe it was just convicted, while I taught! The Hadfield family has taken superb care of me, and Kalgoorlie Baptist Church is seeded with precious people with a heart after God, a craving for more prayer and for God’s conviction towards more freedom, and laughter and love….Ive never heard people that seemed more sure through God laying it on their heart that God is bringing revival to the city of Kalgoorlie…so that was my prayer this morning as I said goodbye to my dear sister Chrissy and flew over the expanse of bush country surrounding a city…God, bring revival- messy though it may be- bring it past where my eyes can see!! I began to picture a great mass of people…each individual precious person to God…coming miraculously to Him…forever changed!