Beautiful Esperance- Oct. 23-13



I awake this morning in Esperance in Western Australia. It’s as if God had mercy and wanted to warm us after an especially cold night wrapped my jacket under wool blankets- It’s gorgeous in this place filled all the wild flowers and roses unique to this Oceangiew bush town. When I asked about the purple roses and asked if she had put food coloring in the dirt she grew them in, she said, “Only an American would think of that- this is just the way God made them!:)” I try to be a good ambassador of The Lord and America but in my plant knowledge, I may have botched the representation a bit!:) I am starting to think in an Australian accent. To put your mind at ease, I’ve made for some good laughs for the Aussies when I tell them that they can’t blame my extravagant packing on America…it’s just Amy who’s packed too much!:) Gods still working on me- When Im 80 I might have it right!:) They love pulling dry humor jokes over on me…A man at a shop the other day after I ordered said,”Oh, you must be from France!” I felt such compassion on this ONE Aussie who didn’t immediately pick up on my heritage and began to explain…Everyone began to laugh…this happens frequently. The movie Australia has been brought up frequently and I literally more than once have seen someone laugh till they cry about Nicole Kidman saying “Look a Kangaroo! (immediately it was shot…) Her horror causes much humor to them- One person said, “We’re the only country who shoots our own National emblem!:)”