Unbelievable…Knowing intricately what God wanted said…





Lord, you allowed me to speak three times during this one-day conference here in Ellenbrook Perth Australia. Lord it was amazing when you did after months of work and planning for this first women’s conference put on by Ellenbrook in this area today!

You listened to the prayer warriors all around me on my behalf & the behalf of those precious women I spoke to today!:)

His Work today in this city:Even though it was not evangelistic in nature, I had heavy on my heart to speak to those who may not know in the crowd as well…During the breaks 2 people came to a saving knowledge of Christ- both with their own stories. One woman had terminal cancer and will probably see Jesus maybe by Christmas- her conversion had many tears and was the result of many faithful prayer warriors!:)

I awoke at 4:00AM and stayed up till I couldn’t the night before (midnight, I think) yet, even by 7:30AM I had many notes but was still asking for completed structure! The full picture was given to me during the worship right before I walked to the podium…Oh, the grace of God. Every session He would do the same…Make it clear to me right as I was going up- Yet, I was led during it to by His still small voice, “Amy, go here now…share this, look at this insight in the Scripture…” Our God has come near!!:)
The women were challenged to focus on Christ alone and left with insight and a new perspective…the comments afterwards were incredibly showing of His power!!:)

I had told Anne the night before that my greatest desire was that afterwards no one would even want to talk to me because their hunger was compelling them to just go and spend time with Jesus!!:) After the first session an elderly woman with cancer came up to me and said, “I was the one that was dry that you were talking about, but tonight, (with a smile she leaned in) Im gonna go home and read Ezekiel!!:) (not sure why that book in particular, but God will make Himself known!:) So much more, but it’s now 5:30 the next morning and Im preparing to speak again…Thank you for praying!!:)