Ellenbrook, and God waking me early this morning

Ellenbrook, Australia
What a beautiful beginning- starting at about 4 o’clock this morning. His gracious astounds me to have awakened me this early without an alarm. I was so tired last night I went to bed at almost 8:30 pm early-the hours not slept through jet lag might have caught up with me.

My intrigue to study the word of God this morning to be compared to an explorer in Iceland captivated body and imagination – eager to brave the extreme weather and sacrifices of leaving home in order to possibly see the northern lights!:) I feel I have given up nothing and been graced instead with an opportunity that competes with the greatest of adventures…what God might You do in these precious lives here?:) So, knowing that He’s ordained all of this that we might think erroneously that we had the idea for yet we were just led to do….I know that I must seek Him to first make my heart right and focused solely on Him in order to be prepared to see His glory “shown in grand display”!:) I feel like God is going to show me things in his word in these next hours alone- I pray they will completely widen the reservoir of my understanding and my fear of Him!:) In full faith, I believe that God is going to show me His love for these precious people by giving me something for them all of us, me included, that we couldn’t have come up with ourselves!

It’s not truth that changes, it’s all the facets of seeing the same truths and realizing the that we have never heard yet that makes everything so beautiful so profound and so life-changing! When we base our life on truth, there’s no telling the heights of freedom that we will experience in Him!:) How could I ever ever compare anything to the joy of learning anything he may want to show me of himself this morning?:) Oh Father let me not get so detracted by what I know to do- even what I need to get done outside of seeking You! Let me listen as You lead me intricately through Your Word!:)