Ellenbrook- A day of Rest & Connection before it all begins!:)



10/17/13- A full night of sleep!!!:) Might be my first this trip!:) Rare, but it’s been planned that there’s no speaking and/ or singing today- Only time with all the precious people.
Anne and Jeff…Time on Skype with Clint- they got to meet him and his words to me were, “Amy, take care of them!:)” One can’t help but love them, their authentic love and relentless service to The Lord!:) Jeff just got word that his sycoma cancer is gone from His body!!:) Praise YOU Lord!:)

Watched the news of America- Govt shutdown coming to an end and describing to them the realities of America, our heritage, our current state outside of what they heard through media alone.

Tons of laughter and hearing stories of all that Gods been bringing together for His work during the time Im here- Unprecedented!:) Anne and I had a precious time- I played a song on the piano, and then we talked of the presence of God and her family story and Gods revelations to us of Himself and His power- Many tears ensued. Precious!! Why would we ever think there was something that God couldn’t do?:)

Tea (a constant here- I love it- Just an excuse at any time of the day for people to gather around and talk!:) – instant friends with many Micah- born since I was here last!:)

Lunch- Chose a soup that was delightfully fragrant and spicy- Note to self…red pieces are not just for presentation & color. 🙂
Hours on the couch with the Pastor and his wife (Aash and Louise and Micah)- Amazing how I feel so dearly close to them- God has united our hearts!:) The conversation is seriously some of the most honest and deeply rooted thoughts and contemplations…I never got tired throughout the time with them!:) there were times when I felt God would highlight things- as if they were roads He wanted us to walk down…lessons He wanted us to speak into each other’s lives. Priceless times with the Body alive…

Dinner with Everyone, and I decided to stay home instead of going to worship practice- Wisdom. I retired early…I wonder if God wants to get me up early to study?:)