Springwood…God is at work!:)



To say that God started this time off with a bang is an understatement! Sunday, October 13. What a Sunday! To those friends who prayed that God would provide something for that Sunday, God listens to your prayers!:)
I did get to speak on Sunday morning not the full service, and I was shocked that my voice actually was all there even though I had been sick before my arrival to Australia and I woke up at 2:45 in the morning and would have to “be on” until 10 o’clock that night! Never felt better!

The people have completely captured my heart! Their fresh perspective towards the gospel, their steadfast faith, endurance and patience with those that are just seeking answers in the process of coming to God, and their honesty in all areas including their personal lives – not to mention the witty sense of humor that seems to have no bounds – has been so refreshing and endearing! I’m learning a whole new Aussie language too- A bit of unexpected entertainment for them! A ripe and yet difficult mission field without a Christian heritage and with many unchurched.
Sunday Night…God moved mightily!. During the morning service I felt like The Lord was laying on my heart, “Amy are you ready- Tonight it starts… Lets do this!” It was like he was getting my heart right with him as I was confessing my sins and he gently prepared my heart! Honestly, it was awesome! That morning he laid on my heart what I was to speak on that night I thought. However after spending a delightful lunch with the pastor and his family who are now friends for life, I felt that he let me in a little bit of a different way! It was so clear to me what I was to speak on, almost like God had ordained it long before I ever got to Australia?:)

The group gathered was quite large for their Sunday night gathering filled with lots of teens and young adults – my heart was pumped! The worship was powerful – mostly Hillsong songs! 🙂 Amazing how God worshiper around the world even use the same songs – what a blessing! I stood up in the darkroom on the stage with all the lights and it felt like I already knew the people! I started right in with hardly no introduction. The pastor had warned me that when Australians are gripped and the words are having effect their response is usually to get very silent. I felt like I could have heard a pin drop the entire night! The passages God took me to were actually Joshua and then the Samaritan woman, which I had never really spoken on before! He led the entire time. I ended with a song and a quote from Spurgeon on how Great our Savior is!:) However before I left the pulpit, It was almost like my heart couldn’t leave without one last challenge that this not become one more speaker, and just another night…but that God would be allowed to change them. It was not evangelistic persay…However, afterwards the amount of people that came up to pray and speak to me proved that God has powerfully done the work we had asked Him to and had spoken the words to their hearts…sometimes more than just what I thought came from my lips. Three people in particular came to know Him that I personally got to lead through the gospel. I believe one was at 6:24, one was at 7:24, another at 7:41- The time that three precious people passed from death to life!!! I wish I could tell you their stories, but they aren’t mine to tell. They would weep confessing their sins…brokenness. God was already showing His power at work in their lives!:) I was there talking to people till at least 3 hrs after, and yet really felt like had the night been longer more might have come to Christ, but God loves them and won’t let them go!:) When people come up and say, “Im the one you were talking about Amy”…it’s hard not to cry right there in front of them- God knew, God called, God spoke, God moved.

THEN, The believers who’s lives were changed that night- the stories I heard…Powerful!!! “Amy, Thankyou for coming!”- gets me every time! How big is our faith?? May we pray for Him to do His work more fervently!!!! To God be the glory!!:) I speak again for a women’s event in a couple of hours…expecting great things from a great God…I gotta be honest, Im a little nervous of getting in the way of our Holy God and what He wants to do…Heading to study so that He will have more in my reservoir to give to them!!:) I love these people!!:)