BRISBANE…All begins tomorrow!:)


Well, here I go!:) I finally landed this evening into the Brisbane International Airport! Job took me to a penthouse suite over-looking Southbend and the downtown city!:) Its as if God just laid on my heart, “Amy, will this due for you to study?:)” Literally, I needed a place to study!!!! People were praying for this!:) Some believers were out of town and offered me their place! I wanted to almost cry- What a blessing!! Everything starts tomorrow when they come to pick me up at 7:00AM…Im at a restuarant getting wi-fi for now and falling asleep on jetleg- Ha!!:) If you only knew how many times I’ve had to re-text that last statement!:)

So much more to tell…like how I asked where New South Wales was today- they broke down in laughter- “Amy, you are here in New South Wales!:)” Then I asked when I got to Brisbane what Southbend Parklands was…He answered, “It’s a park!:)” God surely does delight in using the weak things of this world for His glory…like me!!:) (extremely directionally challenged to say the least among other things!!:)

So thankful that I’ve made it to Brisbane…Let the Prayers for God to direct me in Speaking begin….First speaking even In Brisbane starts early tomorrow morning!:)