The Australia Tour 2013 Begins: SYDNEY, Australia



5:37 PM BLOG: Arrived after over 30 hrs. In transit and 27 at least in flight!:) God allowed me to meet and tell several people on the flights about Him- what a priviledge!:) One man was heading to Macau, China for his 140+ bungee jump- He was 79 years old!:)

SYDNEY- Afternoon of the 11th and morning of the 12th. A new friend Tommy & Joy Argow a long time Aussie friend showed me around the beautiful city!:) Before Joy could arrive Tommy took me around for a tourist afternoon- World Famous Opera House, Darling Harbor, Walked over the Harbor Bridge and for some delightful Japanese food!:) Seriously it was unbelievably relaxing and a wonderfully enjoyable time before the speaking would begin…think Jet lag might be over!:) Oh, and Americans are easy to pick out because we wear tennis-shoes with our jeans…Ha!:) A street performer pulled me out of a big crowd and knew I was an American…he had them all applaud for America- very friendly people here!:)
My flight to Brisbane was literally cancelled giving me a couple more hours with these precious friends before I was finally able to fly at 4:50 pm!:) I really am still finding it difficult to believe that God has brought me back here!:) Praise YOU Jesus!!:)