My prayer from my personal journal as I leave for Australia

Im on my flight to Shanghai…in transit to Australia!:) My request Lord, is that You will miraculously prepare me…Not just to speak, but motivate, invade, move, caress my heart, tell me new things I haven’t yet learned of You- Revitalize my walk with You to be one of completely devoted seeker and follower! I plan on getting some of the details done so that I will be then able to only study…literally reading books of the Bible and studying day by night by day again- Flights, everything!:) Lord, amazingly, my heart feels refreshed and my spirit feels Your presence thought I know how underserving I am of You anywhere close to the vicinity of earth for my being on it…compared to Your perfection and holiness…Yet, regardless of man’s “deserving mentality” and finite logic…Your love for us brought You to us and Love conquered what would have been our “regardless” reality! Thank YOU, Jesus for debasing Yourself In comparatively worthless human flesh to be made in the likeness of what You considered of worth…and even worthy of not only the mark of ownership but worthy of taking on Your workmanship- even to the extent of Your image and likeness. Father what unworthiness fills my being yet the waterfall of grace floods my soul causing a tsunami of gratitude for the breath of something far from our knowledge of reality…a Greatness, A Love…an unimaginable Great Salvation!! I’m overtaken by more than my mind can comprehend or my heart can bear to feel…Oct. 9, 2013