Seminary Finals..:)

Today begins finals (Exams and many projects and papers) in three Seminary classes….and then today I begin two more classes that will continue after these finish – total 15 Masters credit hours.  I couldn’t LOVE Seminary more.  I think I’m weird – Sometimes the excitement for what I’m learning overwhelms me to tears; sometimes the conviction brings me to my knees; and sometimes the elation of understanding another treasure of truth has caused me to get out of my chair and in my office have a praise party!!!    You know you are crazy when you are staying up past a time you want to admit, and you STILL can’t wait to start again in the morning.  Praise YOU Jesus…I feel like You’ve opened up worlds I either didn’t have the discipline to go after; hadn’t yet made the time to pursue; or would have never known to study on my own….Deeper and closer to You, Lord…This is my aim and desire!