May 13,2013 – First Day of Seminary

“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” Proverbs 13:4

Today, May 13, 2013, I will endeavor to do more than “do” my needed activities…I endeavor to begin anew learning the cost of discipline & self-control.  Looking at the next 2 1/2 years (in my calculations, Lord, not knowing what You have in mind), my summer, fall, and spring will be infused with a deeper knowledge of the word in the midst of my proposed speaking & singing touring schedules – Only as the LORD wills!

I crave Truth in my inmost heart, I desire growth beyond what I have yet strived for, and I desire to become more like Christ.  Most importantly, I truly believe that God wants to do more through Clint & I, and I long to do whatever it takes to live this life He’s given me to the fullness of the potential that only He could design and bring to fruition in His power and by His grace.  If these opportunities of sharing His Word continue as they have, I must know better the Truth that I proclaim.  If these momments with His treasures – the people His love pursues – continues to come towards me as they have, then I must know how to rightly display His likeness.  I want to go beyond what I’ve seen or sought of Him before so that they may know Him in whatever ways possible (words, actions, teaching) MORE through His Spirit’s continued work in me!  I must know what it is to live the fullness of His WORD that I tell them is possible.  I hereby, will begin at Liberty Seminary in hopes of getting a Masters of Divinity in hopes that this structure and foundation deepening knowledge will be the necessary protagonist to battle my pride and confront my lacking discipline (which should be compared only to Christ)…and through it that I may be given tools to look deeper than ever before into the riches of Him who has set me free.

As if I were yelling it from the mountain top…LORD JESUS, more than anything of my own goal, will YOU be praised to receive glory through this my act of obedience…for in bubbling excitement I begin…All for YOU, Jesus.