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I’m getting Married! :)

TWO DAYS after I returned from South Sudan (where God finally made secure my commitment and love for Clint) I was PROPOSED TO BY CLINT FIELDS to my surprise! 🙂  It was the best proposal ever!

  1. He had me come to his house on the morning of Nov. 23rd to be cooked breakfast by him and his twin brother before we headed out to meet (totally never happened before) my family who were ALL convening at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Thanksgiving.  Also we would be splitting the time with his family.
  2. Shockingly, he had an entire couch full of memories of things we had done together, gifts I had given him, etc. that I didn’t even know he had kept!  THEN, he had a meal from the first restaurant we went to after he asked me to date him, a rose, a note, an iPad, keys, other memories, and the fire place was on with worship music in the background playing.
  3. The note told me to watch the video on the iPad….and that I was in for an adventure (which I love!)  I was told that I would need to take his car (keys were left) and go to each place he told me to.  The first place was the first place we became friends while both of us were helping with the flood.  When I got into the car he had an entire CD of music from our relationship and left a note for me to try to remember the memories…
  4. I went from El Shaddai Church (where we became friends) and headed then to my house.  In each video on the iPad he would tell me of his memories in each place and what he loved about me.  On the way I realized that I had been given not only an adventure but time with just Jesus and I….to confirm what He had already been telling my heart over and over for the last year and a half, “Clint is the one – marry him!!”  At my house Clint (through the iPad) told me to dress in a nice outfit.  I freaked out – did that mean formal or just a dress??? OH these men! 🙂  I spent 45 min. at this stop trying to get beautiful knowing that I was about to say the word that would change the rest of my life.
  5. During this time, Clint and his “Get Hitched” team had bugged the car with an iPhone and a “find me” app so that they could watch my every movement and could tell where I was.  The next stop was our church and I was convinced Clint would be there.  He shared with me about how that our common denominator was that we both loved the Lord, Loved His Word, and Loved the Church….and then he told me more than he loved about me and memories! 🙂  BUT, he wasn’t there – He directed me to the final place! 🙂
  6. There’s this little chapel in Downtown Franklin that never closes it’s doors….it’s the oldest Episcopal church this side of the Mississippi and was even used as a hospital in the Civil War.  My friends and I have fond memories of prayer nights there where God’s power worked mightily…it’s one of my favorite places to go and meet with the Lord.  It was there that Clint led me last.  I knelt to pray one last time before I walked in and then I opened the door.  There down the aisle was Clint with roses behind him and in a suit jacket….the aisle and entryway was lined with 250 pictures – memories of our year and a half together. He took my hand and walked me down memory lane as the tears flowed freely from my face in overwhelming. He then said that he wanted to read me some Scriptures on marriage.  He had selected 5 passages that showed God’s plan for marriage throughout the whole Bible.  It was precious.  Then he opened his journal and told me the reasons he loved me.  Then he got down on his knee and said, “Amy, I would be a fools not to ask you…it would be the highest honor of my life if you would be my wife.  Amy, will you marry me?”
  7. I answered, “Yes, with all my heart for always!”  We laughed and yes, kissed…and then I yelled, “Yes Yes Yes!”   Almost immediately his family came through the doorway to welcome me to the family – It was precious!  Then we headed to one of my favorite restaurants Pucketts for lunch and got in though the line was horrendous – thank you, Lord! 🙂  Then we headed quickly to see my family who were all oblivious (except my “about to burst with excitement” parents) – I called them, but as they were all in a van driving to KY – they had to try hard to be in secret mode. I did call my 91 year old grandmother and one of my best friends, Mema…how could I not? 🙂 Elated!
  8. Everyone showed up at around 8 or 9 pm to Cracker Barrell….I wore a coat over my diamond and then when everyone was seated shouted I’m engaged and showed them my hand…..Everyone was thrilled and in a gasp of shock and then extreme gladness…welcoming Clint in.
  9. The entire rest of the weekend Clint and I both lost our voices.  BUT, the telling of the story had to go on through visiting both sides of his family and spending more time with my family and extended family.  It was wonderful….and then we posted it on Facebook! 🙂  Ha!~  The date was set for March 10th, 2012. PRAISE YOU LORD….MAY YOU GET THE GLORY!  Whew…he finally asked and the timing was perfect.