An old fashioned chalkboard

I’m SO excited to be in this place….I can’t believe I have this opportunity.  Today the conference began and so we got an actual room (meaning there was a building) and an old fashioned chalkboard…What a treat!  Others had to meet under a tree.  The women were gathered and as I walked in I began to tear up…I was really getting the opportunity to these women who had never been able to read the Bible or even had a Bible to read? Dressed in their nicest clothing…as if someone had given them the goods of a thrift store (USAid and others)- fashioned along with tribal parts of their clothing, they sat in plastic chairs that they use for every gathering – moving them from place to place.  They gather in circles of people unless in a big group.  The men hold hands and so do the women…they are SO loving and have all the time in the world for you though they have to do everything by hand and, the women, for their families – sometimes 10 kids or so!  Language…if they can write it in the sand (few paper or pens

I realized through the 1st session that they understand even less than I thought.  They were so attentive, but I began to think, “If they don’t have a Bible or even know how to read – AND when they do, they only have the New Testament and maybe Psalm and Proverbs… they wouldn’t know the richness of the gospel, about Israel, about the Lamb of God, about the fullness of Christ’s sacrifice!”  SO, I scrapped the freedom talk that I had prepared and went from the before time began to the Crucifixion of the Lamb of God.  I used them to act out how God made us with intellect, emotion, and will…All of it was clear and they stayed with me.  I always fear afterwards if I made it clear or not, but this time I was told by the supportive team that it was very understandable – I fear I might have shared some details that did not compute, but I’ll leave that in the Lord’s hands.  I then got to go down a path and into an area where some women and children let me visit their touckle.  We all ate rice and beans and pumpkin which all of us ranted and raved about.  I am amazed at how much the hot sun takes out of you.  There’s no electricity except when the generator is on at night, no running water anywhere, and beauty everywhere you look….just of another kind.  These precious souls don’t know what they are living without….and I wonder if they really are living without much – in many ways they have what money (or cows) can’t buy.