I’ve ARRIVED in Nairobi, Africa!!!:)

We are here IN NAIROBI!!!   God has already been working mightily…I got to give the whole gospel to an eager flight attendant on a bathroom run (literally, the Lamb of God…what the difference is btw. Christianity and religion, etc. – she really thanked me!).  Then, I was also able to talk to another French women (engineer?) – She told me at the end…I must have a Bible, I promise I will read (John is what I had shown her), and then said….it’s because of you.  I just really know that God’s been all over this.  THEN, on the Nairobi flight (these are LONG flights:) it was weird…I immediately fell into a deep sleep….missed a meal and everything.  What I didn’t know was God was protecting me from having to live with the woman beside me throwing up…and using my cup to do it. As soon as I woke up and went to the bathroom….they moved her to another place on the plane….I didn’t even know it was happening.  OH, and they moved my seat on the first flight and then later asked if they could give me 1000 frequent flyer miles which means I have 60,000 for another international flight saved up.  THEN,I’m here at the Mayfield where many missionaries have been and the internet wasn’t working and I prayed to be able to use it…and GOD allowed after about 7 trys with the same number for it to work.

The key to our room looked like one from a movie, some random man came up and pried my fingers off my suitcase to try to put it in the car for me….with everyone standing around.  That was unique.  Customs took forever, and there was a T.V. playing that there was rebels in South Sudan…It was a quickly passing little note at the bottom of the screen, GOD’s got his hand under and all OVER us….Oh, and they are starting to build gated communities here…that was a new thing.  AND, they also have weightloss shows!:)  I just wanted to be honest about the rebels….BUT, please know…SOUTH SUDAN is huge…the chances of them coming to little Sudan is very little.  Better STUDY now..

Everyone’s exhausted, myself included, but this is my last chance with study and internet and a printer.  Please pray that I finish all that I need to tonight. We’re leaving at 6:30 AM for the next AIM flight in a charter plane to Lietnhom, SUDAN.  I love this team.  Praising the LORD already….I just met a man who became a Christian in 1982…I SO wish he could have continued his story.  I’m IN AFRICA…another dream become reality.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t wait to speak to these women.  I have no idea what I will be able to write tomorrow, but I know it will be about things I have never seen with my own eyes.   In His Love, Amy