JUNE 2011 Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests:

  • TOURS: Wisdom for the next week and 3 days as I prepare to leave and continue to work on the details of three upcoming tours. Europe, Africa, & Hawaii (God led “no”to CA tour for 2011)
  • AFRICA: 3 days ago God made it clear to me that I was to move on the invite to Africa for Sept. 15th time frame.  I’m amazed and shocked – I really didn’t expect to be able to go this year.  I’ve been speaking to authorities over me and they all are behind me continuing forward.  I’m asking you all to pray and let me know anything God shows you as well! 🙂
  • Clint and I are praying as to God’s leading and His freedom to move as He would have us in our relationship…I have such peace and am learning to trust the LORD anew! 🙂
  • Wisdom in who should be placed in positions needing to be filled within MFM: Media (Video), Finances (CPA), Social Networking, Communications, Details within website and promotional needs (Epic Life Creative?).


  • House is finished…this has been a project lasting since Jan 2010 – HUGE!!  Celebrating! 🙂
  • Epic Life Creative has offered an amazing way to free me from things that I’ve been encumbered by for 5 years, and now feel that God’s provided for me to stand on the platform and move forward.
  • Clint and I are about to celebrate our “10-month-versary.”  Is it supposed to be this fun?
  • I’m going to go ahead and praise Him for the finances He will be bringing for these tours that I believe He’s led me to walk forward in.
  • The year is full of ministry….Planned so that I can then prepare with a more focused amount of time.
  • Witnessing opportunities – SO FUN!!  I literally have people who are calling me who I’ve invited to church or talked to about the LORD.  ALSO, the ANTIOCH CHURCH PLANT is beginning & I feel strongly that God’s leading me in that direction! 🙂
  • He’s provided new opportunities of ministry – Fellowship Bible Church has asked me to come on as a volunteer teacher of a consistent study on Monday nights for about 60-80 women.  I’ll be co-teaching which will allow the time I’ll need for touring speaking and singing w/ MFM.
  • He really worked in my heart and reminded me what it meant to “run away with Jesus” again at a conference in Orlando Florida called NEXT that I was blessed to go to and be fed and challenged through two weeks ago.

I can’t over-express the power of prayers prayed in faith believing God to do what He has promised to do!

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