UPCOMING in 2011…What to Pray for…

Exciting News

  • New CHURCH Opportunity here at home:  My home church is deep in the Word and incredible at reaching out.  The extreme talent and Biblical knowledge and ability to expound on those two things are astounding…literally, Jason Ingram is one of our worship directors, Christy Knockles used to be….and the former President of Moody Bible Institute (Michael Easley) is our teaching pastor along with other extremely gifted elders who lead alongside.  They have just announced that they will be starting a church plant which will be located literally in the “back yard” of my current home that God provided.  Last night I went to the first pioneering meeting….In just one school next to me there are 80 nationalities represented.  It’s a mission field that is barely reached…the world has come to us.  I’m praying and really don’t see myself not being a part of this church plant.  Prayer last night was incredible.  I can’t wait to pray and seek alongside these fervent believers…and to love and break past any boundaries to reach those who are dying without him in my own grocery stores, streets, and community – AHH!!  I’m getting so excited!!
  • TEACHING EXPANDING: To my knowledge, I had never met the women’s director at Fellowship Bible Church (1000’s of people will cause that to happen) mostly due to the fact that I was very involved instead in the Young Adults department called Inversion. But, she requested a meeting with me and then FLOORED me when she said that my name had been brought to her and I had been on her heart….She asked me to come on as a non-paid volunteer Teacher for about 60-80 women for the Fall and Spring season every Monday night.  It would be a co-teacher set up which would allow me to still tour and then when I was in town to do so.  I would then be a part of the leadership team and it wouldn’t at all be hindered if I did become a part of the Antioch church plant.  I have nothing but peace in my heart…it’s humbling to be asked to do such a thing.  I really believe that this is how God is choosing to refine me for this season.  It will be added to the touring, but hopefully add to the depth of study as well.  I’m humbled and even cried when she asked me.  I’m still praying and haven’t finalized my answer, but….I’m writing you, therefore you get where I’m feeling led as of right now! 🙂
  • Website is new and running MEANT FOR MORE – Pray for help in organizing, social networking, & putting into action what needs to be done in order for the most excellent dictating of what God’s doing while away and at home.  Pray for organization that I may focus solely on the Word and on those who need Him…ALL people He puts in my path.

Upcoming Possibilities/Tours

  • JUNE – AUGUST:  EUROPE TOUR – SUMMER….starting in Slovenia with a rare opportunity to go with my home church, then to surrounding countries till mid-Aug. most likely (STILL IN PROCESS)
  • SEPT.?? OCT.?:   AFRICA (Nigeria and other places) has requested that I come this year and want me to put together a budget…I really just want to know if this is God’s leading…We’ve been hoping for it for about 3 years now.
  • OCTOBER:  CALIFORNIA – October – Praying, but feeling that maybe this is the time that God would have me go to California on tour- there have been several who have mentioned it. I would need to go through California on my way to Hawaii.
  • NOVEMBER:  HAWAII – November.  I’ve been asked to come back and lead the worship for the PWOC Regional Conference Nov. 2-4…and then others are booking me around those dates.
  • NEXT YEAR.…On my heart has been a desire to do a much different tour here in the states. More to come….as God leads.  I want to go to churches and bases here on our soil.  Please pray for me to know where to look and how to plan.  I’m wondering if God is opening the doors for me to go beyond what I have thus far standing on the platform of what He’s been doing this last 5 years all around the world…and in me.

I feel as if God’s laying on my heart that it’s now time…He wants to build on the foundation He’s been building these past 5 years.  I started touring in March 2006 – I am watching His power work in a new way and sense that my speaking and even perspectives have changed immensely…I feel that I’m on the brink of something more…not less…and NEW involving speaking (becoming more defined), singing, encouraging the leaders and missionaries, and challenging the majority of believers who really don’t know where to begin in following (or feel they don’t)…and those who are hungry for more of Him or need to be! 🙂  I will always love sharing the gospel anywhere God allows me to go.

Extra Details

  • PRAY:  That I will be humbled and broken before Him.  Pray that God will continue to lead Clint in how to lead our relationship and both of us in HIS direction for us.  Pray that my eyes, heart, and thoughts will be focused on Him.
  • GOALS:  Pray that I can memorize James and Ephesians if it’s His will by the end of this year if not before – even with the touring.