Summoned by His Voice….

Eph.1:1 “saints” = Believers = hagios = root of hagos. II Tim. 1:9 “holy” = a calling unto holy service, intimating a summons by the very voice of God. = hagios = root of hagos.  (Hebrew-Greek Keyword Study Bible NIV: Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D. AMG Publishers: Chatanooga, TN., 1996.)

A summons by the very voice of God thrills the fiber of my desires like a fresh wind moving past the strings of entire orchestra’s instruments…and then to think of hearing it, I can only picture Him the movement within me as if that same orchestra was playing masterpiece within my own body! 🙂  As if music has never moved me before, I find myself gripped with the question of where the seat of my desires really lie.  If I were to have the choice of what I heard God say, what would I want to hear?  Would I want answers of direction or provision?  Have I even delved into the wake of His presence enough to want the HIM that I don’t know to crash not only ON the shores of my norm but to devastate them?  I believe, as in I am a believer.  But, do I believe that God is who He has even used words to describe to me in His Word? Is my longing satisfied…do I convince myself I know what would satisfy me of Him?  Do I want to see, hear, know more than what I can envision…or do I just want whatever of Him is enough to push my life onward?  Is there an onward noted in the word, BELIEVER?  Is there anything greater than being unable to move in His presence…only able to worship?

LORD, stop us from unraveling what you’ve been weaving in our thinking since before Creation and which you continue to begin weaving every time we make a mess of Your drawing us to Yourself.  Let us no longer try to reason away this longing for more of You alone.  Let us not settle for praying for answers when we could be asking to see and know more of You!  Forgive us for thinking that we need any other answer than we need to know more of who you are!  I cannot fathom how much that must grieve your heart…Let us ignore your summons no longer…You deserve our all including our attention.  More accurately, who You are (if You were scarcely glimpsed as You are even through faith) would necessitate our ever attention.