Amy’s Agenda for 1.5 months of Cherished time in Nashville

TIME FRAME:  April 27 (my return from the Hawaii Tour Spring 2011) ~June 23 (Europe departure).

  1. RECONNECT:  I get to reconnect with all those long-time home relationships of friends who have so faithfully supported and loved me through so much….and connect with all those whom I love around the world (yes, YOU!).  Just this week I had 3 out-of-town visitors who work with and support MFM.  (Nic & Nicole Norton & Sarah Gorsuch).  I found out yesterday my sister was planning on coming, but I’m heading to a conference in Orlando with Clint (NEXT conference) and wouldn’t be here. Jonathan my brother is arriving in only a couple of hours! 🙂  Another Chinese translator that became a believer was hoping to come…there are others as well.  Bring on the Bed and Breakfast! 🙂  Love it! 🙂 Also, I’m getting more time with Clint Fields…as we pray and enjoy celebrating 10 months of dating (with him supporting me in and out of country) and pray for God’s direction with trust, surrender, and excitement. 🙂
  2. MINISTRY @ Nashville: Continuing ministry here…Realizing that gathering the body, and following the Spirit to witness and serve/ speak into other’s lives is just as crucial here.  It’s been INCREDIBLE watching God work in lives…
  3. EXCELLENCE: I get to revamp, create, and re-create some of the Administrative details that seem to stay on the back-burner when I’m on tour. (i.e. website, blogging, contacts, organizational restructuring to make it more efficient so that more time can be given to people.)
  4. STUDY:  I am taking opportunity to “build my reservoir” by studying even the Greek and Hebrew on different verses, using the commentaries that I can’t take on tour, and delving into more in-depth study of passages and topics that touring doesn’t allow the means/time for.
  5. RECHARGE: Time to rest, pray, and go after dreams and goals that I otherwise wouldn’t have time to…learning how to listen and be led by His Spirit.  Pray that I spend all the time needed in this…I tend to neglect and forego this at times due to an overwhelming efforts to learn to love others better.
  6. FOCUS:  God is focusing me on Himself…and for these lessons He knew I needed to be here.  It’s about Him and not my calling or anything to do with fixing me…It’s literally basking in His presence in order for the reality of who He is to be brought to light to/ and in me…that He may burn the dross of sinful self.
  7. PRAYER to praise & thanking Him for what He has done, Asking Him to work in me that I might be more like Him and be worked through much more powerfully for His glory…. Praying for future DIRECTION and vision of where He’s leading.

NOTE:  Somehow, life has done anything BUT slow down here in Nashville.  It’s a different busy…a busy that has more to do with Amy than where others need Amy to be/do.  I’m learning that my makeup will lean toward doing as much activity as can be fit into a schedule.  I’ve got a certain amount of hours to meet with people and then to study…I’m feeling the press of a tour about to begin…Lord, continue your preparation in me till the last moment I’m here!! 🙂   I want to be fully ready for all that You have in store! 🙂 God has been teaching me priorities, trust in Him, how to follow His voice without succumbing to my agenda, and the need for rest…still.  (Does this lesson continue all of life?:)  He knows who to pour His grace upon, doesn’t He? 🙂