Hawaii Spring Tour 2011

Dear Friends and Family!

Hawaii Spring Tour encompassed EASTER!  The celebration hasn’t ended! 🙂  Paradise– Jesus spoke to the thief on the cross and told him that he would that day be in paradise.As I worshipped and served our Risen Savior this year in beautiful Hawaii-  I felt like I was in an earthly paradise. However even this magnificent beauty pales in comparison to experiencing the joys of learning to walk in step with God’s abounding presence and to touch lives with the aroma of Christ!  Jesus’s LIFE is the reason I write this letter – I hope with all my heart that it finds you experiencing new freedom and blessings in and through Him as we continue to celebrate the Risen Christ!

Kailua Women’s Retreat Spring 2011

MEANT FOR MORE HAWAII SPRING TOUR 2011 UPDATE:  I landed in Honolulu on the sun-kissed island on Oahu on April 5th to begin a three week speaking and singing tour, and just returned yesterday April 27th.   I was first invited to speak at a retreat for my parents church (KCC), and decided to wait for the unveiling of why God had laid on my heart to be there for 3 weeks!  Quickly dates for ministry began to fall into place – FAITHFUL is His name!   It also turned out to be a treasured time staying with my parents,  currently stationed with the Navy on Oahu, and a great time of connecting (and even reconnecting) with friends from past conferences in Europe & mainland U.S.  Also, during part of the last 10 days I was joined by my eager-to-serve and joy to my life boyfriend Clint Fields AND a surprise visit from Jonathan my brother (I hadn’t seen him for almost 1 1/2 years since his tour in Afghanistan as a Navy Chaplain!

People came to Christ…Christians were gripped with Truth…Stories abound of His working power…Here’s just a few! :A young woman made a last minute decision to attend one day of the three day conference, to the delight of many. Precious and convicting are the best words I can use to describe her testimony accompanied with overflowing tears.  With brightened eyes she boldly shared her new testimony with the crowd.  She had never known or experienced until that night what it meant to come to know Christ.

Another individual asked to meet with me.    Frustration and a joy-vacancy seemed to peek out from her demeanor. As we talked, I realized that she was highly intelligent & highly educated in her Bible knowledge…she had knowledge of the HOPE of Salvation but she (by her own admission) had never seen Christ look at her with love from the cross…That day she prayed trusting Him for a paradigm shift in her thinking… Acknowledging God’s grace,“To know and love HIM” was now her purpose.  No longer would doubt due to her high expectations of her self  hold her back. She literally yelled through tears that day… “FREEDOM!!”

Hickam PWOC

One military wife and mother came up weeping telling me that she wanted to know Christ more…that, though she had been seeking, what I had spoke on was what she needed to hear.  The power of God was evident as there was no fear or embarrassment in her flowing tears…only determination and insatiable desire as she had been challenged to seek after the knowledge and working power of the Character of God more.

….To tell of all of the women who came up weeping…all of the people who shared with me their stories afterwards…to explain the drastic growth changes in those who I had the priviledge of being reconnected with after speaking years ago at other conferences….TO SHARE of all the power of God at work even during the engagements…is too much for this letter.

Camp Mokule'ia - Kailua Community Church

I learned personally as well…learned I had stopped sharing about who I am and my journey with God, in order to allow all time for teaching the Word.  It was soon brought to my attention that I had not shared enough about myself to properly connect with the audience.  Pray that I will follow Christ’s example to find the proper balance.  (John 17:1) In speaking I must present myself enough that people can identify with me, but not so much that it detracts from the message of Christ.

***Relationships under the loving care of our God always have the potential to go deeper -even within our families – God is amazing!  

I’m continuing to learn how to study…and to allot the time, prayer, praise and worship from my heart needed to proceed …that I may be purified enough to reflect Him.  I long to be a humbled outlet for His power to flow through me, that His glory may be realized by more than my one life could ever touch…It’s not about me…(I Cor. 1:27-31; 2:23:9)

Thank you to all of you who had a part in pleading with the LORD on behalf of these precious people…You’ve  touched many more than I can introduce to you in this recap!  Thank you also for continuing your prayers and support for me….It seems thatspiritual warfare is more noticeable than I have understood it to be,  except when I was underground in China or in Australia.  Before one of the most powerful sessions of the first retreat I literally had a splitting headache, was rested yet felt drugged with tiredness, had thoughts and almost was convinced of never wanting to speak again– TOTALLY not from the LORD!  I was thankful to be able to see through the lies, but it wasn’t easy and I was refreshed only in His comfort….which I believe was made more tangible through your prayers!  I spoke boldly  that night in a strength unwarranted by anything but His power and grace moving through me. That night was the night in a congregation of the assumed “saved,” a precious soul came to know Him!  

I pray that this update of the Meant for More tour in Hawaii during Easter celebrations (continuing) has brought to you as much blessing as it has to me.  I’m SO excited! May He be praised louder…deeper…May all that is within me…praise His Holy Name…I’m gripped with the fact that my praise and rejoicing need not be anything less  than when Mary had “just seen Jesus”…I can find no reason for anything but this “faith-sight” response.

HE’s NOT DEAD….nor are we any longer confined to be! 🙂

With His Love, Amy