Loving YOUR Commands

Nov. 11, 2010 – Hamilton New Zealand
Last night there was that connection from the moment I arrived and then especially when I stepped up to the glass stand pulpit with my yellow foamed microphone!:) I stood and spoke with a translator that had a sense of humor that literally could impact a crowd! 🙂 He would ask the audience the words that he didn’t know…and the English speakers would tell him their suggestions. It was like speaking to two audiences…One was the English speakers,and the second were those who were listening for his translation! I realized quickly how out of practice I was at trying to make my speaking easy to understand and slow and broken enough to translate. My mind, like a bucking horse, kept wanting to give them more Scripture references and exact wording to describe the concepts. BUT, I had to speak on less in order to get across more.

How much is life a bit like that? Sometimes we must do/ say less in order to have greater impact with what action we do take/things we do say!  If I’m spinning around on stage and don’t take time to pause and hone in on a statement, it likely will be remembered as such. In the same way, those who speed through only business and allow the urgents to take them under will only be remembered as those who were “under” a burden and fought to keep up. Whereas those who breathe and allow themselves the freedom to not do in order to figure out what doing will be most effective and “what only they can do” – those are the heroes who truly are remembered “above” the waters of life and make an impact when it matters.

Lord, teach me what I taught them about “Loving YOUR Commands” – You (Your character and the fullness You bring) are the life I want to seek after for the rest of my days, nights, moments, and opportunities.