Small breaks in-between and Eager hearts

Nov. 10,2010 – Hamilton, New Zealand
Tonight I’ll be speaking for the Chinese church…A year ago to the day I was with the Chinese in their place of origin…some of which were under much different circumstances. I remineise of times when I stood with them for hours on end speaking…with small breaks in-between and eager hearts….their eyes showing the yearning they had for more from our Father. I remember physically freezing while shivering for 30 min. before I could sleep during a freeze they had. I remember them giving me more layers of clothing from the pile left for the orphan kids. I remember becoming distant from the entirety of the outside world, and the time it took to find myself again after that extreme exhaustion from not planning rest. But, more than anything I remember them…those dear family members who gave their all for me…not considering their needs as anything worth deliberating over unless they thought I could help. I remember the cultural differences and yet the same love that you could see in the actions even when you couldn’t understand any of their words.

How in the world am I here in New Zealand speaking at a Chinese church? FATHER…I’m literally half-way across the world, and yet you have brought me to believers…family. I can’t wait to meet these family members…precious with their black hair, expressive faces, hosting culture, believing hearts, teachable spirits…I’m sure there will be an instantaneous connection!