Energy within my soul

Concert every night for two weeks straight…in the second week now.  Sometimes there’s also been day speaking events as well, meeting with people, meals put on for people to meet me, and schools that I’ve gone to, and sermon slots that I’ve been given in the morning and evening at the church this weekend (for a joint church event)….and LOTS of travel!!  I can’t wait to tell you about New Zealand…it truly may be the prettiest place I’ve ever seen!  God’s been answering our prayers and allowing His presence to pervade the silence and lethargy in this secular place…It’s been amazing, but I think I’ve gotten almost used to some of it (yet I’m amazed at His work still and asking for more)…For people to weep wanting surrender, for women to squeeze me while crying with no words at their disposal…only tears, for people to literally say that they know that the Spirit is at work, for people to be silent after a concert with no one moving but prayer happening….So many other stories!  There was one well-dressed, seemingly esteemed man that traveled to all 3 of the first concerts I did here…We don’t think he was saved.  He came up to Brett and said, “I’m in the entertainment business and I’ve been to thousands of concerts, but I’ve never seen something so real!” His power is being made known…and I know that His TRUTH – HE – is too!!!  AHHH!!! I feel I’m filled with anticipation and expectation – rejoicing with more energy within my soul than my body may ever have to show it!   Praise the NAME of JESUS!!!   Boldness, Truth, Strength, Courage, Follow-through, His power…He’s been giving the Words!