“Doing” more for the LORD

Oh Lord, stop us for this moment in time and allow us to, with intense attention, see truth as if it were a meteorite coming towards our lives filled with light for the direction we so long for. Lord, I pray that our attention will be captivated so fully by You that our hands literally have no ability to cling to our proofs of accomplishment. Help us not to look for worth in the tangible phasod of proof that we’ve done something worthwhile to make the most of the time that we’ve been given. Help our minds and ears to be free to listen and not only hear so that we can absorb the truth as nourishment and refreshment to our entire bodies. Still the stirring in our souls for more so that you can arise in us a boldness and fearless warrior ready to live for the freedom you have set us free to enjoy.

(Written July 7, 2007)

I think of what was happening when I wrote this prayer down…I literally had just begun speaking and singing the year before in March 2006. I was most likely in-between tours here and finding myself completely focused on “Doing” more for the LORD….I was writing a book as well – one that never was finished. I still believe the sentiments are true and the prayer is still on my lips, but truly, I am moved by the fact that the LORD has been doing this in me…God’s stopped me many times since then and shown me metoric size truths that gave me freedom beyond what I had known! God showed me that speaking and singing was not “who” I was…and that Amy (not just “Amy the Christian”) had worth not to Him only but also to others! I have since learned that no accomplishment will do any good unless it is laid before His throne as a fragrant offering that is yet considered by me as rubbish compared to knowing Him.

My God listened to me, and I pray I will continue to not only hear but listen with all that’s in me in order to know more of the freedom He has set us free for! 🙂 GOD remembers….GOD hears….GOD answers.