New Zealand: Concert #1

– Arrived to a gorgeous sunset last night! 🙂

Supposively I was told that it was going to be at a church that reaches out to people who are mentally ill – even schizophrenic, but along with handicapped, God brought one of the most precious audiences…They were SO hungry! I left Australia physically utterly drained…literally crying on the way to the airport while telling my friends what God had taught me the night before. Prayers have been obviously prayed on my behalf. Tonight was amazing…I had energy as if I had been two weeks into tour…There were tears and the conversations after were so deep and Spirit led. A woman who came up after saying that she hadn’t felt that kind of worship since she had been in Israel with believers that prayed and worshipped all the time. She literally said that there was some light around me…Either way…whatever God did I believe He answered and worked in hearts. OH, and KEVIN BANKS from Nashville showed up and ran sound tonight! I’m so blessed that God’s brought this friend from home! 🙂 Thank you to all who prayed for me on Sunday….the headache was extreme exhaustion – Literally at 3:12 in the morning I had to get up because the pain was so bad. BUT, God gave me so much: a window seat, popped my ears before the flight, someone offered me HOT WATER :),and allowed me to sleep and rest! 🙂 Praises are flowing freely!!