AUSTRALIA….I’m HERE! Fortitude Valley…

EVERYONE: Hey Everybody!!

I made it to Brisbane yesterday morning with my luggage, and made it through customs like a knife through butter! J Ha! PRAISE THE LORD!! J Somehow I awoke on the plane only to realize I had slept 10 hours straight – how in the world? J Time with Jesus was tearfully sweet! Got to witness a bit to the guy next to me…I don’t believe he had ears to hear.

Hug and reuniting with Joy Argow was the highlight of the day. picked me up and took me to her family…we then all gathered at the mall for breakfast and I was able to stay up all day (1 hr. nap) and hang with her brother who had internet while she was at work. They treated me like gold! J We were in Ipswitch…In a few hours we’ll be driving into Brisbane, and now I’m in Fortitude Valley – one of the night-club capitals of the world. Here, at a McD’s I was sitting here with internet and there were two girls behind me cussing in Jr. High conversation…and then they said they had to study…they were studying the Sermon on the Mount! A rush of memories of what I had just learned at Inversion flashed before my mind!:) I wanted to talk to them, but for a reason other than I know, it seemed not the right time I guess. I’ll wait for Joy and then we will drive to the Gold Coast where I will be the speaker for a women’s event tomorrow and then the speaker for the Sunday morning after – to go to another church that night.

My heart is so fully here…I was up at 4AM this morning eager for study…it was like God gave me the first line…running through my head and I had to write…Read in John for one…other places too. I think I could lock myself in a room and study…I just want God’s power to work so much while I’m here…in and through my every movement.

As for Australia, It’s beautiful and the people are really friendly. G’day! 🙂 They love their bakeries, wi-fi is almost nowhere to be found, they drive on the other side of the car and the “other” side of the road… BIRDs are everywhere…literally, they are beautiful…I feel I’m at a zoo. Ran by goats this morning…they didn’t seem to mind! 🙂 Jet lag is a thing of the past…Bring on life here in Australia!!

Love you all, PLEASE pray for God’s power to be known in these events…May I not in any way get in the way!! Enamored with the Lord’s goodness, Amy J. Stephens

P.S. I was so encouraged by the send-off prayers…and all of you who have emailed me as well…more than you know. I trust Him and can’t wait to tell you about all He does!!