What a year this 2009 has turned out to be! Thought.

To say that this year has been unexpected and full would be an understatement. I have definately had years where I’ve been away more, but in regards to overall “fullness” of a year…this one has been packed: personal change and extreme growth, rooting at “home” all over again, extreme experiences, tours, decisions, watching God move in power to bring people along in the ministry, heart tenderizing and refreshing, hunger and therefore discipline strength, and travel! One thing that has not grown has been my blogging consistency! 🙂 Truthfully, I would rather live and grow..than talk about what I’ve already lived and been taught. But, I also feel compelled to tell somewhere in that mix…Never have we had a time in history where the portals for change through communication have been so wide open. Praise the LORD….How could we not seize the day? Carpe Diem! Lord, please teach us how to align our daily lives as You would have if You had come now…. You tell us to walk as You did which means we have the picture to align ourselves by even today.