Christmas Season – Loving it!

Last night we had a Christmas party at the house…It was everything beyond what a movie can allow you to experience…the prayer where everyone focuses on Jesus and makes a commitment to continue the journey, the warmth of love, the taste of food, the smell of nothing burnt, the sound of laughter and deep conversation and even carols being sung by a seeming choir (we are in Nashville folks)…it was precious, homey, and memorable for sure. Money tight, I began to go around the house looking for things I could create Christmas decor around…It was as if I found the most randomly placed decorations everywhere I looked. I spent a total of $17 and the house and yard seemed to envelope us all with the crisp freshness and warmth of the season! Well, at least I enjoyed it! I’m so thankful – no decoration is a need, so I was delighted to be surrounded by wants fulfilled! 🙂

I couldn’t help but think of my friends in China who could care less about the decor but had a neccesary, “simplified from underground”, acute awareness of what the world seemed to look like outside our doors. I pray for that more and more…I can’t ignore what I’ve seen and heard. What would happen if we were to all seek Him…and His power were to be working in and through us this season…wherever He had us.