Wednesday Journal

Sometimes I think that you can become so used to what you are doing that you find it hard to do what you know that you should be doing. I have been reading in Numbers and Deut. – I am drawn to it… Tonight I went to a youth meeting…I thought that I would be doing much more ministry while here in Portugal, but I think God is teaching me instead. I’ll be speaking for a first ever event this Sat. and I’m loving the family that I’ve been with (especially Laura the mother), but I’ve been really curious this trip as to why I’m here. Little interaction with people that I can witness to; no reference for language nor opportunity to speak to the nationals; few to even listen to. But, I’m here – fully taken care of and rarely at the house…Traveling around with Laura on her errands etc. This is not what I normally write home about – not what I have normally done while touring. This morning God woke me before 5 AM and I just read His word till I could keep my eyes open no longer – till about 6:30 AM. Loving this…Learning how to be excellent and purposeful wherever He has me. I’m getting excited to get back home to see everyone and begin/continue a few things that seem to be weighing more heavily on my heart as time goes on, but loving it here and looking forward to whatever and however God chooses to work. Can I be both of those at the same time? My eyes are open…LORD, do your will in my heart!!

I’m SO grateful for Laura and the family – they could not treat me better – wonderful hosts! She told me today that God told her to bring me here. She doesn’t even know His reasons, but I know I’m blessed by her and I think that the feeling is mutual. The NATO and Embassy folk here have little here in the way of home.