Learning not to multi-task

I’ve learned a secret…”Whatever you do…do it with all your heart.” I’ve known this for a long while, but I have not always really trusted God to allow me to finish all He had for me. I’ve always thought that I needed to rush for some reason and accomplish more than one thing at once to get it done. If there’s time to do something else, then by all means I should, but fitting in one thing on your way to do another is not always needed. As I was reminded by a friend the other day- A lot of life comes in the momments of non-planned time. (Don’t quote me…I didn’t quote him for sure! :)) I’ve learned a new freedom that I’m trying to now put into action…Pray and ask the LORD what I should do (by the way, time with Him IS free time and I can take as long as I am seeking Him to do so…Truly, I can’t ever exceed and miss out or be inconsiderate or unprofessional if I do because I can’t be loving and seeking Him and willingly disobeying Him consecutively. I do love Him and sin more frequently than I want to notice, but I cannot be loving towards Him (focused on Him) and sinning at the same time. Just do and focus with what must be done first and then do the other things…that way procrastination and feelings of being overwhelmed don’t get in as easily! There’s a freedom in being able to do what you want to – even spontaneously if you are done with all you knew had to be done. I’m learning….Man, it’s so much easier!