Home – Jan. 12

I’m home….I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited to fly over Nashville. I didn’t get to blog yesterday, so this is what I would have said had I not have been flying/without internet: Met a man on an airplane – by simply saying hello God started a conversation that greatly impacted me. There are no two lives alike…no two perspectives. He was one of the most confident yet sacrificing individuals – willing to give his life and many other things up for the cause of justice and righteousness overall. During our six-eight hour conversation which kept me intrigued I got up to go check on my grandmother…while there I asked God what role I was to play in this new friend’s life. I felt that the Lord had put me there to allow him to be able to feel emotion again…in a way like he had for so long been without – I wonder if he had felt love for just who he was and not in comradery with what he was doing. So many have learned distrust, betrayal, and pain….how many have truly experienced love – the way God gives it? I met a new friend that enjoyed getting to know him whether he was working the noble position that he held or not…I hope that wherever he is, he’ll know that.