I leave Hawaii today

SO, I leave today on a jet plane…don’t know when I’ll be back again, BUT…I do know I will be back (Lord Willing, Of course)! I thought I would write before I get on the overnight flight. What will I remember? Lessons He taught me, time ministering to others, the beauty, my parent’s view from their lanai, my mom’s food, the new friends, the irritating mosquitoes, the time with my brother’s and sisters for Christmas, the change in me. I’ve learned:
*No matter how God’s made you to be – be all that is and don’t hold back except where it’s against the way that He would be;
*Serving is not for me it’s for others – that’s the point – it’s not about me getting to love and serve them the way that I want/am willing…it’s the way that they need/want.
*Heaven will far outdo Hawaii….Seriously, I can’t fathom it.
*Being sick is not for whimps alone…it stinks for everyone – yet reminds us to be thankful.
*You never know the giving capacity of others…they may just suprise you.
*Time with others, by neccesity, is usually slower than time you’re used to by yourself – Praise the LORD for others.
*The toughest decisions yeild the most freeing results in the end if Love is the choice.
*He always gives us what we need and more…We can count on it!
Till Nashville, Signing off