Screen’s wide open….

The air is perfect tonight…the night of the brightest and biggest moon of the year. I lay here on the carpet looking out at a valley of lights hearing the traffic in the distance but not being bothered by any sounds at all….It’s one of the only places I’ve been where I don’t get too cold/ too hot if the screens are left open all night and day. Picturesque even in the winter months here in Hawaii. But I’m left thinking about an illustration in my life. This past few days life has been spent with good things…and I’ve been missing the Word. I’ve loved Him, listened for Him to direct me, followed where I thought He was leading, and even read the Bible a chapter here and there. But, it’s been like a screen…I have no idea what I’m missing by not seekng Him with my whole heart. As someone mentioned to me the other day, Am I living in a way that requires faith…moving towards Him? I miss Him, and in my own life I can tell I haven’t been seeking after Him…I’ve been content to only listen to the stories. I admit I’ve been more consistent writing to this blog than I have been asking my Father to speak instead. I need Him….I’m different when I’m closer to Him than when I’m distant and living screened in by my own unwillngness to open the screen and spend more momments seeking for the “more” of Himself instead of myself. Oh, He’s so good to love us still.