Today with Dad.

You know those momments when you feel like a little girl? I’ve been learning something in this past week. Something was said that could have destroyed me but it was said to help and in love…something that required change. I had to really contemplate whether I would take it and hear it in love or hear it and turn away by never being fully myself around that person. It’s those times that are pinnacles in our lives – decisions that change our course. To love or to be loved…we are called to love whether we feel loved in the momment or not. I was honest, but realized that they may never see it the way I did. Why do I say this? I say this because I made a choice….Now, back to my Dad. Because I made the choice to take what was said in love and make a change I felt a freedom even with my Dad tonight. Normally, I feel the need to tell him everything that’s going on in my life whether he wants to hear it or not. But, I realized that love may not have me do that…instead, I just let the conversation go at will. It was such a delight to just “be” with my Dad. My sufficiency is not found in what anyone thinks of me….instead my sufficiency is found in Christ. But, change is a choice…whenever we choose the way of loving that person, and choosing to take what Christ thinks of us as fact…we will see more change than we ever thought possible. Favorite momment with Dad tonight…after dinner we drove to the beach and purposely froze together just to wait for the moon to come from behind the clouds and light up the beach. I don’t think that I had ever seen that before so vividly…Dad says that sometimes it looks almost like day. Can’t wait for next time…I love you, Daddy.