We were just reunited with a family I used to babysit for in Iceland. Tonight we all went for Italian food (after Iceland we all somehow were also stationed in Italy). Afterwards the daughters and I went to hang out and listen to live music in Kailua, HI. It was minutes from where my parents lived, but it felt like a completely different part of the island.

There was a lady who found me on facebook – Just last night she said that she had been at a conference I spoke at in Germany in 2006…later she shared that it was after my class and that week that she truly came to know Christ (even though she had learned about him in church most of her life!) Total blast this morning meeting with her…1 hour turned into 4. I watched God work in her life. Question tonight: What do you, Christian, really want? Do you want His glory or do you want to get to the next step in the chain of events you feel need to happen in order to fully serve Him? If we can say both, then that’s great. My brother once told me that after prayer and fasting that God didn’t give him an answer to what He wanted him to do with his life after seminary. I was baffled until Jonathan said, “Amy, He said to seek HIM…if He would have given me marching orders I would have gone after doing them myself in my own strength – I must let Him work inand through me to accomplish His will!” Enough said for tonight..I’m falling asleep at my computer! 🙂