2009…Looking outside.

Well, if there’s never a day worth wasting, then there will always be something to say about/learn from any day given to us, right? Believing this…I write and endeavor to continue to do so. Today is new. I’m sitting here with my Mema…I just explained it to her that I’m sending a card at one time to all my friends…Her question was, “And it will go to all of their homes?” She’s 88 and precious. I just tried to explain e-mail, “What’s e-mail?” I gave her a computer (my old one for her to learn on) for Christmas. She thought it was a jewel! Why? Because she wants to be able to.. “play old Saul (Solitaire)and whoop him!” I’m learning that there are few things that really matter in life…I’m determined to find and live them. I wonder what else God will teach me this year..this thought excites me to no end. All that He’s already done…If He designs each unique brilliant color of each sunset…what more could He teach me of Himself and all the brilliance of His character? What more could He teach me of reality in my life that will cause the true potential of each day to be realized more and more till the day I go home? Bring It On Lord!! I want to go deeper; love; be humbled by You (Lord, help me face my fear with truth); be challenged and obedient to live more selflessly, to become more like You – a much more vivid representation to a world that hurts and yet is ignorant or chooses to ignore that You are the answer to their need…I long for discipline too. I want to embrace and breathe in the freedom I was meant to know. GOD, take this blog and use it for Your glory!