Experience with Janice…

Dec. 10th, 2008 – Here I sit on an airplane stagnated on the runway. The captain has said that there is something wrong with a computer devise on the airplane and we must sit at the gate for it to be checked, but I know differently. God has sat me in front of a woman (whose name has slipped my mind – for now we’ll give her the alias of Janice) whom I met in the airport a bit earlier. Noshville Deli’s computers went out and both of us experienced the high prices and the disgruntled (understandably so) cashier/manager on duty….We laughed as she told me in southern form how that he could “keep his $3.00 hashbrowns!” Then, God sits me right in front of her. Laughing at her downhome sense of humor I begin to explain my understanding for the man since it hadn’t been his fault etc….This starts a conversation and then from there God took over.

To my surprise, this stout kind woman was a driver for prison inmates. She had met her husband there and worked there for close to 17 yrs. if my memory serves me correctly. She was headed to her mother-in-law’s funeral in Charleston and had used miles to get there to support her husband. With just the delay, she had already missed the viewing yet seemed up in her spirits. She made a comment about me using my powers to pray us in….From there I was blessed to share the gospel with her.

You know, I don’t exactly remember all that was said, but I have learned that when I am honest…and mix what He’s done in my heart specifically with the Scriptures leading the person to Jesus from a heart that sincerely cares about them (not just throwing the new at them) – It’s always real. The missing ingredient at times is fresh experience with Him…Do I love Him today? Am I enjoying His presence today? People are much more perceptive than we think, yet they are usually fighting truth less that we would expect. I’m praying for my friend even today….Our flight never got off the ground…I ended up catching another one and having to say goodbye. I hope that I’ll see her again in Heaven – you’ll love her too! ☺