What Am I Not Asking God for…First Hawaii Blog

I have a fear that I tell few about….I’m not even sure if I fully realize it, but I do know the effects of it. I want to blog badly and now I even feel that it’s a need in my life due to my heart needing bigger outlets to tell of Him…I cannot stay silent nor can I sit. BUT, I must have a fear of posting them for fear of a lack of perfection or not doing it right….I am laying down that fear as of today with the LORD’s strength. If there is even a hope that whatever I share may help someone or encourage another….how can I keep it within the small circle of where I live and what I do. Technology has extended the realm in which we must be living…wisdom would tell us to reach higher and further as He gives us the means to do so….Here I reach…if anyone is touched then it’s Jesus who gets the glory for even the stretching He’s doing in my life. I’m only sorry I haven’t been following this leading on my heart more. Why wait till the New Year to start anew? I’m still not sure I’m doing this right, but I can no longer keep the story He’s continuing and the thoughts I’m contemplating inside… I’ll begin with today….

I’m sitting here Dec. 14th at sunrise having been awoken before the dawn by the 27 mosquito meals (they itch worse than bites) that were driving me from sleep into awakened insanity. ☺ Just three days ago (Dec. 10th) I arrived to Honolulu, Hawaii to speak and sing; to serve as my 88 year old Mema’s care-taker and flight companion; and to enjoy Christmas with my parents and the others traveling in (Mom and Dad moved from Italy to HA. in Sept. 08). To say it is beautiful is a grave understatement….Enchanted Lake sits crystal still and peaceful in front of me, while the palm trees stretch all around as if they are just awaking to the morning sun. Cascading grass covered mountain ranges and volcano crators reach into the depths of the horizon while the clouds seem to rest on them like misty clothing. The islands almost wave in the distance where the ocean beckons me to come and explore. I feel like I’m Wendy on Peter Pan or something! Now for my next trick…flying!☺

Today I realize two things…1) Jesus healed and showed mercy to a man who wouldn’t stop crying out for mercy even when others told him to stop. Mark 10:46-52 Jesus listened to those who simply realized their need and cried out….those whose faith made them well. Jesus cared more about explaining to them that with God all things are possible then He did in telling them humanly impossibility of them being saved….how undeserving (in their sins) we are of God’s attention. Mark 10:24-27 His grace truly covers. 2) I can’t get enough of His Word.

My question for today….What am I not asking Him for? (What non-believer do I know that I have neglected to beg God to bring to Himself? What distracted follower of Christ (not in the Word etc.) am I not pleading with the LORD to ignite for their First Love? What vision have I not asked God’s direct and specific provision for? What healing am I needing and have not asked God in faith to, if it’s His will, heal completely? What amount of faith am I lacking to maybe exceed that mustard seed….Have I prayed, “LORD, I believe, but help me in my unbelief?” Mark 9:24 ) Why wouldn’t I ask??