Devotional from Psalms

Yesterday I was brought to Psalms where it
talks of things I’ve heard before yet new again
(sadly, I sometimes just run by these verses): “I will
give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will
recount ALL of your wonderful deeds.” (Psa.9:1) then
before that, “I will give the LORD the thanks due to
his righteousness…” (Psa. 7:17)

Lord, the great I AM, allow us the pleasure of not
being able to ignore your glory and goodness bursting
from the seams of our day – what could be more
important than bringing them into Your presence and
enjoying them with You? Then, as you deserve, show
us what it looks like to give thanks to You with our
WHOLE hearts…allow us the gift of not being
distracted by anything but You. Fix our thoughts on
You. (Hebrews 3:1)
Fixing our thoughts on You yields returns much greater
than what accomplishment or time-efficiency ever
could. Father break us down by Your conviction and
lift us up in your grace.